2015 · winter

A quick hello & Winter has arrived!

Sorry… Once again it’s been a bit of time between blog posts… When life gets busy it gets busy!! 
But I’m trying to work on my schedule/time management. My biggest struggle with this blog is giving myself the time to sit down and write. I always find something that I should be doing at home or with LuLu instead of just writing. I currently am typing this while LuLu has her afternoon nap. I made sure I got all my jobs I normally do while she naps done while she was awake, so I could sit down and say “HI”! while she was asleep. 
I struggle with finding the time to write a post purely because my computer is in my study which is in the opposite end of the house from LuLu’s bedroom and play rooms. (I am not a fan of writing posts on my phone) I like being near her & interacting with her all day & when I’m not with her I am normally keeping our home presentable, cooking or we are out & about. But I think it is important for me & well all Mummas to take time to do things we enjoy. So I am trying to force myself to have more time for this. 
Writing this blog is something that brings me so much joy, I love getting messages & emails from my friends & readers saying they love the content & they enjoy reading this. And I want to continue doing so, I am so incredibly thankful for my ever so patient readers. I am aiming to do at least a blog post a week from here on in, aiming/hoping/trying… Even if it is a simple post – I am going to try!
Two of my upcoming posts that are almost ready to go are the much requested baby/toddler food recipes & a mess free/indoor craft for toddlers. 
I don’t think I know everything about parenting but I truly enjoy inspiring other parents with new ideas for their little loves! I am no expert, but I do love being a Mumma & a wife – to me it is my calling. Everyone has different paths in life and I respect that but this is mine & I am so thankful for it. Being a stay at home Mum & a housewife truly makes me happy & I love to write, so combing the 2 is a really wonderful past time for me. (I also love shooting & getting to hunt, so slipping that in occasionally also makes me happy!)

So anyway while I am here I should do a bit of a catch up… 
Life is currently flat out crazy busy & chaotic, as always! LuLu is now 19 months & cutting 2 molars – my poor little love, but she is handling it like a trooper most of the time. Trent just was on days off & is now back on day shift. Winter is here & I love it! I braved the cold this morning to duck out and get some photos of the beautiful frost. (Beautiful but annoying because it killed off a few of my succulents!!)

I am in love with that last photo!! Tiny bit proud of it… 
I love Winter time – do you? I love the fashion… I love being bundled up & I love bundling up my little LuLu!
One day, one day I dream of having a white christmas! I feel so Christmassy when it gets cold… 
Anyway friends I thought I would quickly post this just to say hi & I am working on some future posts. Like I said I am aiming for at least 1 post a week from here on in! 
Of course I would love to hear what you want to read, so please leave any blog post requests or questions below, or on Facebook, Twitter or email me! 🙂
Thank you & have a great afternoon!

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