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A box full of beauty. {Review}

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang & bellabox. 
Ok, lets be honest for a few minutes, I love being a Mum, I do – it is my calling, it is my passion – I adore my life. But sometimes and just for the tiniest split second I miss having more alone time, I normally feel this way when I am buying the same beauty products because I know “what works” & I just don’t have the energy or desire to try & test out a bunch of new things with a toddler. I miss being able to walk up and down the aisle of the beauty stores leisurely & at my own pace, testing out all different products, finding new & exciting releases and walking away with a nice little haul. 

LuLu is a great little shopping companion, but understandably she isn’t fussed on waiting around for me while I sniff, spray & test out new products she isn’t allowed to touch – heck Trent even gets annoyed when I take to long looking at beauty products. But I have found away to get my fix for testing out new products without even leaving my house!
That’s right, without leaving my house. Testing new beauty products in the comfort of my pjs while sipping tea. That’s right there is a saviour for all of us time poor beauty lovin’ Mummas, let me show you the light girls… 
In case you’ve been living under a rock & have never heard of this genius idea, let me tell you about bellabox.

bellabox is Australia’s #1 monthly beauty box, it is a subscription service that is delivered to your door jam packed full of specially selected beauty goodies for you! Some are full size & some are sample size. I love this idea, this is brilliant for people who can’t always get to the shops & simply who don’t have the time to waste in the beauty aisles, like me. You get these products to test out at your own time & if you love what you’ve got, you can repurchase them when you are ready.
Now what you get in your bellabox is normally built for you from your profile, but this month they are offering a special deal. You can get the exact same box as I have, which I absolutely love. 
I really honestly do like this box & I got 3 full sized items and they are great quality. In my opinion receiving 3 full-sized products from a monthly subscription service is pretty rare, so I am over the moon at this. 
This offer is only available until June 17th 2015 and is only for new members. The cost is $17.95 (includes P&H). 
Normally the bellabox is an adorable turquoise coloured spotty box, but in June it will posted out in a very sweet slightly larger brown box only due to the fact that the bodywash is such a large size they had to use bigger packaging!

 For $17.95 you get 3 really nice & full size beauty products & 2 sample sized products. 

All wrapped up pretty. 
My wonderful little treat of beauty goodies!!
  • Universal Beauty Cosmetics Tint Stick (This product is full sized and vegetarian friendly & cruelty free. I got the colour Nude Pink which hopefully is easily wearable, it says that it has 10 hours of anti-feathering wear and is transfer proof. Keep an eye on my Instagram for a mini-review.)
  • Original Source Body Wash (This is another full sized sample & a vegan product. I received the watermelon & jojoba oil skin quench one & it smells delightful!!) 
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (I love this product, I actually was just kicking myself the other day for forgetting to pick a new one up at the store, thankfully I got one today in my bellabox!) 
  • Aveda Damage Remedy hair treatment. (There are no directions on this sample sized tube but after some research this is a treatment that you leave in your hair for 2-5 minutes and then wash out. I love hair treatments & am excited to try this one, but I have a lot of hair so hopefully this tube is enough for at least 1 treatment!)
  • Jean Patou 1000 Eau De Parfum sample. 

I am super happy with this box, it has 5 great products in it and is a great starting box for anyone interested in starting to receive monthly a bellabox. Please note this specific box is only available for a limited time & is only available to new members & only available by the link found on this page.
So if you would love to receive this exact box check out bellabox.
This is product is also a wonderful gift idea, especially for a new Mum, because who wouldn’t want a box of really nice beauty goodies showing up on your doorstep once a month. But hey Mumma friends treat yo’ self, buy it for you because you deserve it – getting this adorable little blue box once a month is like giving yourself a monthly present and you deserve a monthly present & everyone loves getting mail that isn’t bills & is a parcel! 
Please note that this is a monthly subscription service that costs $17.95 (includes P&H) a month & you get at least 5 amazing beauty related products each month from local & international brands delivered to your door for you to try in the comfort of your own home & at your own time. You can cancel the subscription at anytime. After this month the products you receive will be specially selected for you based on your profile. To sign up for bellabox you do need a credit card or PayPal (I always use PayPal when shopping online) but you can cancel at anytime! 

Please stay connected with ModernWifeLife31 & bellabox on social media on the following links;

Enjoy your week. 

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