Policy & Information

This policy is valid from December 2014 onwards.
Disclaimer policy;
This blog is a personal blog, it is solely written by me, Belinda Scott. 
If you have any questions or concerns about this blog please feel free to contact me (modernwifelife31@gmail.com) 
Comments policy;

  • I will try my best to reply to each and every comment, it may take me a few days, but you will receive a reply.
  • I happy to receive comments that are constructive criticism or that disagree with my point of view. However, I do not accept comments that are personal attacks about me, my way of life or my point of view or those of my readers. 
  • I do not accept any comment that constitutes cyber bullying.
  • Any spam or link advertising comments will be deleted.
  • This is my own personal blog, if you don’t like it there is no point leaving a hate filled comment, just leave and don’t come back.
Copyright policy;
  • I work hard to create unique, personal and informative content for this blog. 
  • All of the work you see on this blog is by me unless otherwise stated. 
  • If you wish to use any images or content from this blog please contact me to obtain written permission. 
Personal code of ethics;
  • This blog is my own, I write it for myself. The fact I have readers that enjoy what I write is splendid, if you however do not like what I write please exit out of this blog.
  • I will always disclose if a product was sent to me by a company for a review.
  • I do at times do ‘sponsored posts’ on my blog, but I always put my own spin on it so it is still worth reading and my opinions are always honest.