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Class & teacher EASTER gifts. {& 2 EASTER videos}

Hey friends!

It’s almost Easter and next week is the last week of school… Today we handed out LuLu’s Easter gifts for her class and teachers.
For the class we did orange bubble wands with green pipe cleaners attached to the lid – bubble wand carrots! And we also handed out little easter cards with them. All the kids seemed really surprised and they were a huge hit! LuLu was very proud handing each one out to the kids and wishing them a happy easter.


For the teachers I filled a beautiful bunny jar from Kmart with Cadbury eggs for each of them (4 teachers). 


These gifts were very simple and affordable and they looked lovely.
Do you do class or teacher gifts for Easter?
Teachers work so tirelessly and I believe we will always be the type of family that makes an effort to look after the teachers of our kids. Little gifts and acknowledgements of how thankful we are for the work they do will be something we do often and for our kids entire schooling career. Gifts of thanks don’t have to be grand or big, I know teachers never expect them, but I think a little something is lovely, just to say we see the work you do and we truly appreciate you!
And as for class gifts, I like to remind LuLu that giving is more important than receiving and she absolutely loved giving gifts to all her friends. She said it made her feel happy and lovely!
I have 2 new videos up as well friends, an Easter decorate with me/decor tour video. CLICK HERE to watch it and a video about what’s in the kids Easter baskets, you can watch that one HERE. 
Also if you are wanting do some lovely Easter crafts this weekend with your little loves please check out my last blog post HERE. 

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