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Lent 2016 – it is almost EASTER! {Sunday Series}

“Lent is a journey that moves us toward the cross.”

Hello dear friends, 
I had every intention to post this last Sunday, but I never got a chance to sit down and write it & lucky me I have been battling a bit of writers block… So, this afternoon I forced myself to sit down and write! 
So here is a bit of a Sunday Series on a Wednesday and I know it’s been awhile between Sunday Series – sorry. 
It is February 17th – we are over half way through the 2nd month of 2016 – what? Summer is almost gone (not complaining about that!) and Easter is almost here. 
Yes you read right, Easter is NEXT MONTH! Sunday the 27th of March is Easter, like we are already in Lent! 
Speaking of Lent, have you given up anything or added anything to your life?
This year…

  • I have given up something that normally I couldn’t go a day or so without at least 1 can of – coke. Yes, I love coca-cola – I know it’s awful & bad for me – which is why I am giving it up. It’s an indulgence I don’t need. And I went straight up cold turkey, no gradual weaning – I just gave it up. 
  • I am also adding more stillness to my life. More moments to soak life in and more time for me to sit and read. I am reading more instead of watching YouTube videos – normally when I go to bed I will spend 1/2 hour – 1 hour catching up on YouTube, but I am dedicating some or most of that time to reading now. 
  • I am also working my way through our possessions to make a large donation pile to donate to a local winter clothing/blanket drive this year. (If you are local to the Toowoomba area and can recommend a charity or church that does a winter appeal, please let me know!)

In my mind I have ticked the 3 main boxes of Lent. Prayer, fasting & almsgiving. Now I don’t mean that you have to use Lent as a check list & you have to do these things – to me, religion and everything that goes along with it is personal and open to your own interpretation. As long as what you are adding or subtracting to your life is a positive, I think it’s great. To me giving up something I really liked is a form of fasting (it is also a win-win because it will make me healthier), setting aside more time for stillness and just quiet also opens me up to more prayer time and bundling up some gently used coats and blankets we no longer need will help someone in need. 
These 3 main things are important to me; my health, simple/slow living where I can enjoy life & have times of stillness and also, helping others. 
Have you given up something? I would love to know! 
I leave you with a few sneak peek pictures of my Easter decor, I’ll be setting it more over the next week and if you like I can share the photos of it completed in an upcoming post.

If you want to share any of your easter decor pictures or what you have given up for Lent, connect with me on social media or leave a comment below!
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