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Pregnancy Update; {Baby Elf Gender Reveal}


Hello friends,
Today I am here with a super quick blog post, but it is the long awaited gender reveal of Baby Elf!
Trent, LuLu and I are so incredibly proud & excited to announce that we are expecting a little baby BOY to make his arrival, hopefully in December!
it's a boy gender reveal camo

We are so overjoyed to be adding a little man to our family and we can’t wait to meet him!
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Have a lovely week.


and she loved a little boy very much

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Pregnancy update; 16-20 weeks {Baby Elf}

Pregnancy Update

Hello friends,
So, since we last spoke a fair bit has happened in regards to my pregnancy. So let’s dive right into it!

Pregnancy news;

  • We have found out the gender which I think I’ll announce on here next week or very shortly, so stay tuned!
  • I had a 4D scan done, that was different – I never had one with LuLu.
  • Towards the end of July when I was 18 weeks pregnant, we went to a birthday party for LuLu’s best little friend, it was her first time attending a proper birthday party so she was so excited. We were there barely an hour and suddenly I got super intense and bad pain in my right side that radiated into my back, like it was bad enough that I wanted to basically collapse but I went to the bathroom and tried to breathe through the pain and just keep myself together. I wasn’t doing anything crazy to bring the pain on, just standing in one spot cutting out some decorations. I phoned my sister & spoke to my best friend about it & thought I may quickly go to the local hospital in that town to be checked out (we weren’t in our town, we were in a smaller town about 45 mins away) – I phoned the hospital and they weren’t that keen on seeing me as I was “only 18 weeks pregnant and they couldn’t do anything for me if I was losing my baby”. So that was lovely and just what you need to hear when you are pregnant with pain. I took some panadol & had some water, the pain did eventually subside – but this pain was bad when it was there but I knew I wasn’t losing my baby which is why I decided to stay – I took it very easy for the rest of the party and we were ready to leave if the pain intensified again. We enjoyed the party & left once the cake was cut and gifts were open and headed back to Toowoomba. Towards the end of the party the pain had started to return, but not as bad & I phoned the hospital I’ll be delivering at on the drive back home, I decided to go in just to be safe. LuLu was left with my parents & Trent and I went to the hospital. To be honest it was not an awesome experience when I first arrived, because I was under 20 weeks pregnant at the time the midwives didn’t really want to see me as once again I was told my pain was probably due to miscarriage & it wasn’t the right place for me – I knew I wasn’t miscarrying but I knew something wasn’t right. But thankfully my doctor insisted I was seen and my sister was also a great help in ensuring I be looked at. (It helps being related to a midwife!) If this was midweek I would’ve gone into my doctors surgery, but this was a Sunday so my only option was hospital.
  • Thankfully I did go in as I ended up spending 2 nights in hospital. I had fairly constant pain & discomfort in my abdomen and also large traces of blood in my urine. They did find a kidney stone in my urine, so my pain & the blood was put down to kidney stones. I don’t know if that was the problem though, I had no issues using the bathroom & my ultrasounds for my kidneys were perfect. So UTI was ruled out as well.
  • The following Friday (29/July) I had my morphology scan, where the gender was once again confirmed and our little Baby Elf was deemed “very healthy” – a perfect little baby.
  • Yesterday (3/Aug) I had my OB appointment, after discussing with him and telling him since leaving hospital I am still in pain regularly through out each day, I am uncomfortable and I’m starting to get shooting/twinge like pain into my crotch area, as well as some pressure there – I have been diagnosed with an irritable uterus. Which for me is incredibly worrying. It can mean early labour – like very early or just a few weeks, but I am determined to keep my little Elf in and have my Christmas time baby. So whatever I can do to help myself, I will do. I have been advised to rest, a lot. No exercise, no strenuous activities, limit stress, no heavy lifting and try to take it easy. As for pain management, there isn’t much that I can take as my doctor informed me during that appointment that even panadol is no longer deemed safe in pregnancy. So to be on the safe side I will stop taking that (when I did take it, it was very occasionally and not a regular thing) and just use a warm (not hot) heat pack to help control my pain & discomfort. So that isn’t great, I am in pain regularly and have no real way to manage it. I have been given a script for some strong pain relief if I need it, but I am very cautious when taking medication especially when pregnant or breastfeeding – I don’t even paint my nails when I am pregnant! So I will just try and push through and find natural & drug free ways that help me handle the pain – the heat pack does help a bit so that’s good.


    • The best way I can describe how I feel is, I feel 30+weeks pregnant when I am only just now 20 weeks pregnant. I feel slow, sore, exhausted and uncomfortable.
    • I am still incredibly nauseous & vomit pretty much every single morning at least once. I take zofran to manage this. I have tried going without it recently to see if I can, but by 10-10:30am I being sick pretty badly (as well as my normal straight out of bed be sick routine). So I think zofran & I maybe besties for the rest of this pregnancy.
    • Heartburn & reflux has started. Mainly in the evening & it doesn’t matter what I eat, a drink of water can cause it.
    • I get some pretty terrible headaches.
    • Exhaustion.
    • Nosebleeds.
    • Aching hips, knees & ankles. No legs cramps yet thankfully, I did experience those with LuLu but hopefully I may skip that symptom!
    • I am slow, I can barely keep up with Trent & LuLu lately.
    • Pretty intense abdominal pain on a regular basis, that can radiate around to my back.
    • Lower back pain.
    • Shooting/twinging/twitching type of pain from my abdomen down into my crotch area.
    • Some stomach tightenings.
    • Pressure and pain that comes & goes in my pelvis/crotch area. (Basically the area from my belly button down is being absolutely ridiculous!) 
  • I don’t have much of an appetite lately.
  • I did go through a phase of loving salad sandwiches, but in the last day or so I’ve gone off them.
  • Vanilla ice cream – yum!
  • And that’s about it – I don’t feel like eating, I eat because I know I have to but I don’t really feel like much or crave anything except a small dessert of ice cream in the evening. Besides from baking I despise cooking at the moment, so thinking of dinners & cooking them is a struggle – I do it, but I don’t enjoy it.
I feel a bit down, I am in my second trimester I should be feeling pretty terrific. I should still have my energy & be able to keep up with Trent & LuLu, but I am struggling. I want to really enjoy these last few months as just the 3 of us but I’m not. I am either flat out exhausted or in pain. I hate being cooped up inside and doing nothing. I love getting out doing things, having a productive day and having fun. So the fact I can’t really do much of any of those things really has gotten to me a bit. The news of having an irritable uterus is also not great, as much as I’m not meant to stress – it is stressful. I don’t want to have my baby early, no one does. So I have to really make looking after Elf and I a huge priority. Other than just being frustrated at my own health, I am doing ok. I just wish I was well, I can deal with just “all day morning sickness” because I’ve been there before, I know how to manage it – but with all these other problems it is really effecting my day to day living and it has made me a bit down. This is all just recently happened though, so I am sure after I have had some time to process it all & just come to terms with it, I will be fine.

Bump & baby photos;

18 weeks, the day before I had to visit the hospital. This day was a lovely day at my family’s farm.
Baby Elf, growing bigger each week! 


A little sneak peek of what our baby Elf looks like, so adorable. I can see LuLu a lot in this little picture. 

This post wasn’t intended to be along the lines of “pregnancy sucks, poor me” – I am not necessarily complaining – I am just saying what is happening & being honest. It isn’t the best case scenario at all, it is fairly scary for me personally – but there are worst things that could be happening and everything may turn out just fine for us, I am so focused on keeping my baby in for as long as possible and just doing what is best for us. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for this wonderful blessing, if any of you think I am – because of course I’m not. I am very thankful for Baby Elf, I do wish my pregnancy was a little easier or I felt a bit healthier but it’s the journey I’ve been given and I have every bit of faith that we will both be fine.
(I would really appreciate any extra prayers or some positive thoughts if that is your thing sent our way! I truly believe it all helps!)
So friends that is where I am at, my next pregnancy update will most likely be in a months time after my next OB appointment unless something happens in the meantime.
I would love to hear from you if you’ve had uterine irritability and how you handled it & your story and if you’ve had fairly constant and intense pain in pregnancy how you managed it. Please leave a comment below or on my social media!
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Have a lovely week.


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Dreaming of warmer days… {Beach trip March 2016}

We are well into Winter now, the days & nights have turned chilly – a big change from that unseasonably warm Autumn we had.
To bring some sunshine into this cold & dreary days I thought I would share some (long over due) snaps from our family holiday to the Gold Coast that we took back at the beginning of March.
This was our 2nd family holiday to the beach. Almost every morning I was up early walking the beach and photographing the sunrise…

Day 1;
We drove to the coast. We had fish & chips for lunch at Pete’s Seafood Market and went to check in at our hotel. We spent the afternoon at the pool & beach.
Day 2;
Was spent doing some tourist’y fun things in Surfers Paradise and in the evening we went to play mini golf.
Day 3;
We headed to Sea World for a fun filled day!

Day 4; 
Was spent at the beach and we even did some stand up paddle boarding!
Day 5;
We spent the day with my sister & brother in law, went shopping at Harbour Town, had dinner with them & then headed home at night time. 

The view from our room.
Mini golf time!
Beautiful blue skies for a lovely day at Sea World.

Watching the seal & dolphin show with her little schleich toys. We bought her these before the holiday as little toys to play with in the car trip.

The dolphin show as normal was very entertaining.

I was hoping to show LuLu the polar bears swimming in the water, but we checked back multiple times during the day and this is where they were… Sitting in the sun enjoying a nice fish!

The touch tank was a big hit!

We loved watching the penguins. 
A day at the beach!

Trent & LuLu stand up paddle boarding.

Saying goodbye to our view.

Some of the sunrises I captured;

I hope you all enjoyed this little look into our family holiday. 
We are hoping to get away again with just the 3 of us before Baby Elf arrives, but that most likely won’t be until the weather warms back up again!
Are you enjoying this cold or are you wishing for warmer days?
Let me know by commenting below or one of my social media accounts;

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Interactive colouring in! {Crayola review}

This blog post is brought to you by Nuffnang & Crayola.

Hello friends!
The weather lately has been so cold & dreary where we live – just grey & drizzly wintery days and poor LuLu has had her first serious winter sickness & I have also been unwell (we cannot catch a break) – so we have been stuck inside and a little bored & miserable.
But we discovered a fun activity to do which allows us to stay inside, rest, be creative and use a little technology. 

Crayola Color Alive is a fun new product, it takes colouring into interactive play. 
With these unique colouring in books you get the FREE app to download, 7 crayons (but you can also use any crayons you have on hand) and 1 of the included crayons is a special unique colour that unlocks amazing animated effects. 

You can bring your child’s colouring-ins to life, in 4D with the Color Alive app. You can activate special virtual effects where you use the magic crayon, take pictures with them, interact with them and play. You can even save them to bring to life & use in pictures later on! This is the future of colouring in. 

Now LuLu who has just gone 2 1/2 is still a bit too young to play with this on her own. I coloured this image in to show you all, but she helped with colour selection and helped in some parts. She also could not operate the app by herself, but this colouring in book & app is marketed more towards children 4+. I think children around that age group would love this, LuLu loved seeing the little fairy in pictures with her and thought it was very magical. She is also very interested in drawing at the moment so she enjoys colouring a lot. 

I really think it is wonderful Crayola has combined a classic favourite child’s past time with technology. Technology is the future and children these days are so tech savvy from such a young age – this really is the perfect combination of creativity & technology. It makes colouring-in interactive play! 
If you would like to check out the Crayola Color Alive colouring books they are available at major leading retailers for $7.99 each. (App is available on iPad, iPhone & Android) 
Some of the other great titles available;

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Our plans for Christmas 2016.

Hello friends!

I know my blog has been very unusually quiet over the past month & a bit.
But I promise you it has been for a very genuine and important reason.
Besides the reasons listed here I have also been doing something very important…
This Christmas we will be adding a little more love to our family.

I am 14 weeks pregnant today!
The 3 of us are all very excited & overfilled with joy and so thankful to God for this wonderful blessing!

If you have been following my blog/videos for a few years you will know I did regular pregnancy videos with LuLu (Rexy), I am not sure if I can commit to regular videos again this time around – but would you be interested in fortnightly or monthly pregnancy updates, perhaps a few videos if I can? Please let me know what you would like to see!

Regular posts will start back up again next week, I truly thank you for your patience and understanding during my absence.
It has been a very exciting, busy, exhausting & lovely time recently for our little family.
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Have a lovely day,



Update {June 2016}

Hello friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that in May I needed to take a short break from my blog and also posting heavily on social media.
It was for a few reasons, firstly I just feel social media and the online world can be so time consuming & distracting and I wanted to be more focused on the now. I wanted to be more present with my life and I think a break was needed. I think it’s healthy to take a step back from distracting things sometimes. 
A few other contributing reasons were that Trent was starting a new & longer day/night shifts at work (the original shift he use to do back a few years ago) so we had to adjust to that because now we have a toddler. My sister had her precious baby boy & I wanted to be there in case she needed me at all and now at the end of all this I’ve become sick! Silly winter! 
But I am starting to feel better each day and we are all getting the hang of this new routine. So YAY!
I think it is so incredibly important to take time in life to refocus and zone in on what is truly important. 
I’m not saying this blog isn’t important – it is. But family to me always comes first.
And in life we hit so many different seasons and in each season sometimes we have to reevaluate our priorities and make some hard choices. We can’t always do everything and it is ok to sacrifice certain obligations to put my love, energy and time into what truly matters in life. To me family will always be number 1 – always. 
So I apologise for being a bit absent on here over the past few weeks, but I also trust that you respect why I was missing!
Now to get back into the swing of things I would love some blog post requests! Is there anything you would love me to write about, any questions you want answered or any topics you would like be to discuss?
Make sure to follow me on my social media as I try to post there daily!

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Happy Mother’s Day. {To Noodle}

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day beautiful ladies!

For this post I am teaming up with Anne from Domesblissity, we are having a linky party where you can share your stories about your Mum, motherhood and your positive experiences about being a Mumma! I would love to read your posts, so please link up below! 
Anne is a fellow Australian blogger who I’ve been following for quiet a few years & is someone I now call a friend! I love reading her encouraging posts on homemaking, life, saving money/living with less & Motherhood. Her site is a treasure trove of knowledge & I love browsing through Domesblissity!

This Mother’s Day is particularly special for me, this is my sisters very first Mother’s Day – she just about to became a mum, like any day now!
I thought I would use this post to write a letter to my sister, on becoming a mum for the first time and also on her first Mother’s Day.
To Noodle,
Happy Mother’s Day!
Any day (or moment) now you will be holding your precious little man in your arms and I’m so excited for you!
Welcome to Motherhood, I am so overjoyed to do this season of life with you.
Becoming a mum is the best thing, it’s life changing, terrifying, wonderful, mind blowing, challenging, fun and the greatest thing!
Parenthood is a love like you have never felt and it will also push all your limits & emotions to every extreme.
Being a Mum, I truly believe is the greatest thing I have ever done – I am positive you will feel the same way with baby Yogi.
If I could pass on any advice to you it is;

  • Trust yourself and do what you feel is right. Someone will always have a different opinion on your choices, that is ok – but listen to your instincts. You already know what to do, it is intuition. I truly believe you are fully equipped with all the intuition you need. You can do this. You are going to be wonderful Mother!
  • Soak it all in. It all speeds by at a shockingly fast & fairly depressing rate – one second you have a newborn, the next you have a 2 and a half year old. And while you love watching your child grow & change into a real little person, you sometimes do long for one more newborn cuddle or one more day where you can just sit on the lounge all day and cuddle them & admire the beautiful little person you created. So, take too many photos, write down the little moments, take videos – do what suits you to capture these fleeting moments. Sometimes the days (nights) feel very long & the next second it’s all over and you are chasing a toddler around! So enjoy each stage, every stage has its own challenges and joys, but just enjoy it!
  • It is ok to ignore the laundry sometimes and just sit and cuddle your baby. I encourage it, the laundry will always be there – your baby will only need you, want cuddles & be tiny for such a short time, always make the baby your main priority – you will never ever regret it.
  • It is also ok to pick up the phone and ask someone for help or ask them to come over – to help you tidy up, to hold the baby while you shower, ask them to get your groceries or even just ask them over to have a conversation. Do not ever be worried about asking for help. (This is also me volunteering to help you in anyway you need!) 
  • Take a moment for yourself as often as you can. Our free moments are now suddenly very rare. Have an extra long shower, take the dogs for a walk alone, walk through the shops a little slower or take someone up on that offer to watch your little guy while you pop to the store to have some lunch with your husband. Having moments alone refresh & recharge us. Sometimes we need to look after ourselves first in order to be good Mums.
  • Always remember the challenging times pass. Parenthood is like a rollercoaster, most times it is exciting & fun and you love it, then there are challenging days – they test you, but they are short lived – it always gets better.
  • Our mindset as Mothers is powerful. The way we feel controls the entire tone of our home. Sometimes it is so hard to seek out the positives, but when a day is challenging or it has been a rough week, sit down & think about what went right, not just went wrong. Try and list just a few positives. Doing this can really help you see the joy and refocus your attention.
  • Believe in & trust yourself, this comes back to point 1. You already know what to do, listen to your instincts – they are always right. You are a Mumma bear, you know what to do!
Nikki, I know you know all this, I don’t think you need any advice – but it is there, just in case!
You are going to be a magnificent Mumma bear to your little Yogi bear. You will be so loving, fun & active and you are already so full of knowledge. You are so ready for this new season of your life and I am so incredibly excited to be right beside you during it!
Happy Mother’s Day Noodle, over 20 years ago we would’ve been playing with dolls and pretending to be Mums and now we are real Mums! And let’s be honest – you always were the better doll Mummy than me, so I know you will do amazing!
My heart is bursting with love & excitement for you, Happy first Mother’s Day Nikki.
I cannot wait to meet your tiny little Yogi Bear.
I love you.
– Bindy xo




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Mother’s Day Craft. {2016}

Hello friends!
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which is exciting. My sister should have had her little baby by then, so it will be a very special Mother’s Day. 
To celebrate Mother’s Day, LuLu & I made some cute cards for my Mum & Grandmother (her Ninna & Great Nin). 
We just used a sheet of A4 sparkly glitter card, but you could make this craft smaller for a card. 
Our card is a bit more like a poster to hang on the fridge and wall! 
It is a card that also gives the lovely ladies in our lives a special bouquet of flowers!

This craft is very simple and you only need a few basics things and the main item you probably have in your pantry!
You will need;

  • Cupcake/patty pan liners.
  • A piece of paper or card. (Any size you like, a plain card or an A4 sheet)
  • Green pipe cleaners, paint or felt for the stems.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Glitter or buttons or any other embellishments you would like to decorate the centre of the flowers with. 
  • An extra piece of paper to add a message. (optional)
  • Pens, markers, crayons etc.
  • A magnet if you want to make it hangable on a fridge. 
  1. Pick out your cupcake liners and flatten them, LuLu loved doing this! 

  2. Lay out your design on the piece of card. This is the part where if you want to trim the flowers with scissors, you can now. Laying it out is helpful so this way you can plan how they will look and they will fit. LuLu picked the colours of the flowers and I stacked them together, while we were doing this craft we were going over our colours and also talking about patterns (dotty, swirly etc) 
  3. Glue your flowers together and then to the card, I found glue stick wouldn’t work and we used craft glue. 
  4. Embellish the middle of the flowers with glitter or anything you find pretty. We of coursed used glitter – because glitter is always necessary according to LuLu.  
  5. Attach stems, we used green pipe cleaners & hot glue (I did that). I find pipe cleaners wont stick with regular craft glue. But painting, drawing or even using a felt stem would work as well. Work with what you have. 
  6. Attach a Mother’s Day message. We attached a small banner to the top and have written a message on the back of the cards. If you wish to attach a magnet, do so to the back of the card. And ta-da a bright and lovely bunch of flowers that will brighten someones day. This card could also work as a birthday card or just a sweet little gift to remind someone you love them!
This craft is very basic, but I think it is very sweet & any Mumma, Grandma, Auntie – whoever would love it. They are beautiful bright flowers that will never die! The best kind!
If you make this craft I would love to see them, please show me on my social media;

Snap Chat; Bindy_30

I hope you are all having a lovely week.
This weekend is my husbands birthday & my sister is due very shortly to have her baby – so it is a very exciting & lovely time for us all!
Take care friends!

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A bunch of fun with Bunchems! {Review}

This blog post is thanks to Nuffnang & Funtastic Bunchems.

Hello friends!
As the weather cools down and the afternoons get shorter, finding fun & interesting activities for children sometimes become a challenge. 
Today I am here with a review of a new & fun product that I think children will find fun.

They are basically a reusable craft product where the user can create endless creations, limited only to their imaginations. If you think it, you can create it with Bunchems! 
Bunchems are like plastic pom poms, furry little bur spheres that when pushed together magically connect without any adhesives. Once you are done creating, they easily come apart and can be packed away for the next time.  
Bunchems are a new and innovative way to combine construction with craft. 

The pack I was sent is the mega pack and comes with 370 Bunchems and loads of accessories – perfect for creating whatever we could imagine. Included in the pack was a little booklet with lots of creation inspiration.
LuLu and I sat down and had some fun testing this product out, even Trent joined us!

Some of our Bunchems creations were…
A unicorn.

A bird.

A tiger.

A snake.

A dog (or some kind of animal).

A teddy bear.

Which of our Bunchems creations is your favourite?? I really love the teddy & the snake makes me laugh.
I really enjoyed playing with the Bunchems – I think it is a very fun & unique product. I really like crafty, creative toys & this product is reusable – so I think it is great! My little girl who is 2 1/2 also enjoyed it but it isn’t a product she could play with alone yet. I think preschool and school age children would really enjoy this and it could be a great after homework but before dinner quiet activity instead of TV. Normally I would suggest playing outside, but in the cooler months that isn’t always an option. 
Bunchems can promote creative thinking, cognitive thinking, improves motor skills & problem solving
While playing with the Bunchems with LuLu, we were learning colours, counting and also identifying the accessories. As well as planning designs & thinking of how to make them. 
This would be a great item to keep in the cupboard for some quiet play, to play with during family time and would also make a fun birthday gift for a friend!
I would love to hear from you which of our Bunchems creations you loved the best and also what would you create with Bunchems? Please let me know in the comments below or leave a comment on my social media.

Snap Chat; Bindy_30

If you would like to purchase a Bunchems pack, you  can do so HERE.

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Toowoomba Royal Show {2016}

Last week was The Toowoomba Royal Show… We spent some time there on Friday and I thought I would share some of the photos from our lovely day with you all.
We arrived early for when the gates opened which allowed us to visit stalls and walk around while it was still very quiet, which I feel works best for us with LuLu.
Our first stop was the petting zoo because I figured it would be busy during the rest of the day…

LuLu got to bottle feed some animals.
And feed an alpaca some gum leaves!

LuLu also got the chance to ride a pony with a riding school, she absolutely loved it and blew the instructors away with how confident and calm she was & how well she could ride – for a 2 1/2 year old who has never ridden a horse before! (Well, a real horse – she does love her rocking horse!)

 The 3 of us wandered through the livestock areas, LuLu loved looking at all the calves. She made friends with this little one, “Midnight”.

By the time we got to side show alley there was still only a very few people there, which for us was perfect. Trent was able to take LuLu on the dodgem cars without the risk of someone crashing into them… (Which I know is the point of them, but it’s not that fun for a little 2 year old)

We had a beautiful morning together.
We came home and Trent left for work and later that evening LuLu & I returned to the show for dinner & to watch the fireworks. I really wanted to take LuLu at night, because there is something fun about going to the show at night time!

We played some more side show games, her favourites were the clowns and fishing games. 

After the impressive fireworks display, we headed on home…
We had the most lovely day as a family and during the evening LuLu and I really enjoyed our Mumma/daughter time. 
What is your favourite part of the show?

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