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126,230,400 seconds. {4th Anniversary}

“Because of you, I can feel myself slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being.”  – Tyler Knott Gregson.
  • 126,230,400 seconds.
  • 2,103,840 minutes.
  • 35,064 hours.
  • 1461 days.
  • 208 weeks and 5 days.
  • 4 years.
Our wedding day.
Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband, who is my best friend & the love of my life. 
I am so incredibly thankful for the fortunate life we have. It has been a beautiful 4 years but admittedly we have had a few challenges but that just makes us stronger as a couple. Everyone faces challenges, but only the strong stay together. 
Our theory on a good marriage is to be each others best friend, be supportive, be open & be good forgivers – this works for us & ensures we overcome whatever life throws our way. 
They say marriage is a journey, well I think ours is much more like an adventure. We are always planning our next path & sometimes we have to forge our own. We married each other 4 years ago with big dreams, most of them have come true – but we are still dreaming, still planning and always thinking ahead. But that is not to say we aren’t enjoying the now, we love to take time to soak in & celebrate the wonderful that our life is at the moment, to cherish the small things. 
Our adventure isn’t perfect, but it’s ours… And I will stick with you until the end. 
I am fortunate to have Trent & I am grateful to God every day for our relationship & marriage. We together are so thankful for being blessed with the light of our lives, LuLu. Becoming parents has made us stronger, closer & a better team. I wouldn’t want to go on this adventure of parenthood with anyone else. 
Thank you Trent for being such a wonderful and supportive husband for me & the worlds best Dad to our LuLu! And for making my dream of becoming a Mumma true. 
You will forever, be my always.
Our family, my whole world. 
4 years, wow. I’m praying for many, many more happy years & looking forward to growing old with my amazing T-Rex. 
I’m off to enjoy my anniversary with my husband!
Have a lovely day!

As a wife, I choose to honor my husband. Not because I am weak, but because I am strong. 

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