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Our perfect anniversary date. {shooting & eating!}

Last week Trent & I celebrated 126, 230, 400 seconds of married life! 
On that particular day he was working night shift so we weren’t able to do anything to mark our special day.
We had planned to go out for a nice dinner together on Saturday evening. My parents had agreed to baby-sit LuLu for us. 
But on Saturday morning while I was chatting to Mum on the phone she mentioned she wanted to look after LuLu for the whole entire day & also that evening. I had to think about it for awhile. Sure I’ve spent a few hours away from LuLu, but normally when I’m spending time away from her Trent has her or if Mum does it is just for a couple of hours while I do some shopping, I don’t make a habit of not being with her, so this was a fairly big moment for me. Also because LuLu would be going for a drive to another town with my parents, I was a bit anxious about the whole idea of it. But I figured it would be good for LuLu to spend a few hours away from me & she was with her Ninny & Poppa, the only 2 people that I really feel comfortable leaving her with, so I knew she would be fine. After over packing 2 bags of supplies, a lunch bag & a bucket of toys for her we dropped her off at my parents. 

All packed and ready for a day with Ninny & Poppa.

Yes, I cried leaving her. I don’t know why – perhaps guilt, but I think it was more because I instantly missed her. When LuLu isn’t with me I feel like I am missing something vital, like heart or a lung. I just no longer feel complete. I sat in the car contemplating if I should run back inside and say I changed my mind, but I knew she would be perfectly fine and I would be too – I trust my parents 110% with her. 
So what were Trent and I going to do with this new found day of freedom? 
Well, we decided to do what we do – go shooting. We could’ve done yard work, but hey – we wanted to just enjoy this rare day of “just us”.  
Now we didn’t have enough time to organise a hunting trip, so have no fear – this is not a post with “dead animals”. We headed out to a property owned by one of Trent’s work mates & set up some targets. We were just wasting time, having fun & also making sure our guns were shooting straight. 
We took 3 of our guns out. Our air rifle, Trent’s Tikka T3 .270 & my brand new Browning .22 rifle. 

Gamo Delta Max .177, Browning T-Bolt .22LR & Tikka T3 .270. All guns purchased at ‘The Open Range’ 
A couple who shoots together, stays together!

This was my first time bringing my gun out to shoot targets. I had shot it previously on some bunnies with my brothers, but this was my first time shooting with Trent. 
We set the target up at about 100m and I managed to get some fairly decent groupings. When I shoot at ‘The Open Range’ in their indoor shooting range, I shoot at 25m. I can manage to get a pretty great & tight grouping at that distance (about a $2 coin grouping) at 100m I was getting about a 50c coin grouping or a touch wider. Which isn’t bad, it isn’t brilliant but it was my first time doing targets with that gun & the longest distance I’ve ever shot and I had to factor in it was a windy day.

What a fun way to waste a few hours! 

A quick word about my beautiful rifle, as I said it is the Browning T-Bolt .22LR – I was going to purchase the .22 mag, but after some consideration I decided to go with the .22 LR. It is more economical to shoot and it will also be a great gun for LuLu when she grows up. If she wants to learn to shoot, this gun would be perfect for her after learning on the air rifle (she has a fair few years to wait though!). It is a stunning rifle and amazing quality – I made sure to purchase a gun that I know will last. I knew I wanted a timber stock as that is the finish I prefer.
This gun is also a perfect size for me, I held so many rifles & none felt comfortable or they were too heavy as I am fairly petite – but this one is perfect for me. 
I love the straight pull T-Bolt action, it’s a smooth & fast motion, which is great for quickly chambering a round for that follow up shot, if needed. The double helix rotary 10 shot magazine is incredibly easy to load, it feeds the rounds level into the chamber which also makes the round feed in smoothly. 
The scope I chose for my gun is the Meopta MeoPro 3-9×42. Trent & I are both very happy with the scope, the vision is clear & crisp.  

Browning .22 
The detailing on my gun is so pretty! 😉

After spending a few hours shooting our rifles we packed up and started the 50 minute trip home. 

4 years of being his Mrs. Bring on many, many more!! 🙂 

Trent called into a local pub at Quinalow to grab some Jack Daniels as he wanted to drink one before we left for dinner that night while I was getting ready. I took the opportunity to have a cold drink while we drove home & I couldn’t help but laugh at the stubby cooler he purchased while getting the Jacks!! 

This made me laugh… 

When we got home we got ready for dinner and then my parents arrived with our darling girl, we had missed her so much! She had had a great day & seemed very happy! We made dinner for my parents and LuLu and said good bye to them and drove to town for our anniversary dinner. 

A quick photo while out on our date! 

We got an early booking at La Pizziaola & enjoyed a nice dinner of yummy Italian food. After dinner we walked down to the gelato store and had dessert. 
We had a lovely evening out together, but all we wanted to do was get home to our LuLu Bug, so we went straight home!
A day off from parenting was a nice treat & I am grateful to my parents for being so amazing with LuLu & happy to have her for the day, but I love my time with her & those days off don’t have to be very often, it was lovely to just have some time with just Trent though to celebrate 4 beautiful years of marriage!

If you want to stay up to date with my hunting & shooting adventures please make sure you follow my instagram account dedicated to that; @housewifetohuntress. 
My camo cap was supplied by Aussie Feral Game Hunters, you can find them on Facebook by clicking HERE. 
Have a great week! 

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