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Housewife to Huntress; Practice update #2

Another shooting update…
on Tuesday I headed into ‘The Open Range’ for another hour of practice… At this moment we are really focusing on me getting comfortable with the .22 and really trying to improve my ridiculous eye issue, which I am finding insanely frustrating. I wink perfect with my right eye, but left just is just stupid! That’s the only way I can explain it… But I’m working on it, which is the only thing I can do really. 
After practicing with the .22 I had a few shots with the 9mm handgun. Handguns are great fun and I enjoy using them, but they aren’t something I am probably ever going to own… They are a whole different ball game after shooting with a rifle, but like I said still fun and a great stress reliever.
But rifles & shot guns are what I am focused on becoming really confident in. For use in both sport & hunting.

Time spent wasting bullets is never time wasted.
.22 shots from 25m
my pathetic target with the 9mm 
After shooting practice I came home and my youngest brother Tristan came over and helped me practice skinning on a couple rabbits. I’ve never skinned a single thing in my life before except a lab rat in biology at school, which I wasn’t meant to do… But anyway. I think I did pretty well, he was happy with how I went (I think). I didn’t really get a photo of my efforts, but next time I’ll try to remember to! 
(The reason I am learning to skin animals is because when I eventually go hunting I want to be able to shoot a fox and skin it – I think it’s a good skill to have)

On Sunday of the weekend just gone I also got to have a bit of practice with my air rifle – just a bit of plinking, nothing serious – but it is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
I also had my first kill on the weekend (if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you’ll already know this)
It was a fairly impressive kill, I have shipped it off to the taxidermist it’s that impressive. 
I did have to stalk it for a bit and when I was about 4 or so metres out I nailed it with my massive Gamo Deltamax .177. I assume it probably weighs way less than 10g (dressed), so I am pretty proud.
(Oh please if you are reading this I hope you realise it is all sarcasm.) 
I shot a pathetic toad. 

What a kill, what a trophy! 
But hey, my outlook on this is my kills can only get bigger & better from here… I doubt I could kill something smaller and more lame than this!! 

Suns out guns out…
While I practice shooting, LuLu gets to spend some time with her Ninny.
Cheeky selfie with one of my parents steers.
I am still really enjoying shooting, it is something I take very seriously and want to be incredibly great at. 
In other news I had to take my proof of I.D into my local police station last Friday, so that hopefully means my license won’t be too far away! 
At the moment I can’t transport our guns on my own, I can’t shoot them on my own & I also can’t buy my own gun – so once the license arrives I can look into getting my very own gun, which I am very excited about!
Sorry this isn’t a huge update.
But I do have 2 new shooting videos.
The first is just another plinking video from down the farm. I have no idea what was going on with the last duck when it stood back up – I swear to you those right side ducks hate me. This one is done in real time, I didn’t bother cutting out the shots I missed, just so you guys can see how I am going with shooting. It was hard getting a place to shoot down at the farm on Sunday because the grass is so thick and long. Also when shooting my air rifle, I try to either shoot from my shoulder or shoot from resting on my knee. Like I’ve said, I love my ducks and shooting them is so much fun – I really enjoy it.

The second video is just a quick one of my shooting from in at The Open Range in their indoor shooting range – I just filmed the target I was shooting. Fairly happy with my grouping. Once again this video is done in real time so you all can see how I am shooting.
If you have any advice for me, please let me know! ‘
Have a great week guys!!

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