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Housewife to Huntress; Practice update #1

Hey everyone!
I thought I would do a quick update on my shooting progress…
On Wednesday I had my 1st lot of practice at ‘The Open Range’ and the other weekend Trent helped me do some shooting at my parents farm…
So I’ve done a few days of shooting in the last couple weeks, but nowhere near the amount I want to be doing… I think Trent & I need to buy a farm so I can shoot daily. (In Australia you need at least 40 acres to fire a gun on) 
I am pretty impressed with my efforts, these 2 days of practice are my first proper times ever shooting a rifle. Like I’ve said I have shot a .22 before but it was nothing serious, it was just one shot here and there. 
My first day of practice with Trent I did really well, I was shooting from roughly 30m & then we went further back. I did some shots from my shoulder and some from a rest, but the rest was mainly just supporting my left elbow on the hood of my car (a picnic rug is a great makeshift rest lol). 
I also had 1 shot with Trent’s Tikka T3 .270 – which is a beautiful gun. Very big & loud, but an awesome gun and it is what I need to get comfortable using if I want to shoot deer (which I do). We had a target set up at about 300m & Trent said I got it. 
That day I also spent a fair bit of time plinking, I love my (well, Trent’s) Gamo Deltamax .177 air rifle. It is a break action & just loads of fun and it’s helping me get more accurate. The duck targets I have are awesome and you can easily lose hours just shooting them. Admittedly it can be bloody frustrating when the odd duck wont go down even though you hit it like 5 times, it’s always the right side ducks for me! If it was a real duck – it would be dead!!

First few shots through the .22 
Plinking time!

Here are some videos of my practice from that weekend…

On Wednesday my practice was again with a .22 rifle (PWS Summit bolt action). I was using a rest to shoot with but using my shoulder to hold the stock, if that makes sense. 
This practice session was held at ‘The Open Range’ in their indoor shooting range, it’s so great – I love shooting there! Getting advice from their knowledgable staff is really helping me become a better shooter too. 
I did do one target off my shoulder – I think I really need to work on my arm strength for this because I am a little bit shaky while holding the gun – apparently that is fairly normal though. 
I am having a lot of trouble closing my left eye – which is something I really need to be able to do in order to shoot right handed.
I did have a go shooting left and I can do that fine, but I am determined to shoot right – so I just have to practice, practice and practice. 
At the moment to help with this problem the safety glasses I shoot with, well – I’ve blacked out the left side and it’s really helping. I shoot pretty much perfect with it. So as soon as I correct this issue I’ll be very happy!! 
(If you have any advice at all on how to help improve my ‘eye issue’ I would love to know!)

Shooting time… 
My results from Wednesday’s practice. 
Video from my time at ‘The Open Range’…

If you cannot view my videos on this site please head on over to my YouTube channel which can be found HERE! 
So I am happy at where I am at currently – clearly I am not close to the end of this journey – I still have a lot of work to do – I believe anyway! I know my accuracy is fairly decent, but I see room for improvement. My biggest thing I need to improve is my darn eye!! 

My end goals on this project are pretty much to be able to shoot a range of guns comfortably and most from my shoulder. But the very end goal is just to be able to hunt & do it well. But we will talk about this all in another post shortly!
If you have any advice for me, I would love to here it.
If you want regular updates make sure you follow me on my instagram which is @Housewifetohuntress 

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