Sunday Series; encouragement for the discouraged.

Give God your weakness & He will give you strength.

Hello friends,
Happy Sunday!
Today’s post is something that was just put on my heart & I felt I had to share – to be honest I have been struggling with what to write about this week & had chalked it up to as a missed week, but nothing like a last minute post!
Well, I’ve just got my little man down for a nap & thought I would quickly write this up.
This post is for those of you that at this moment that feel discouraged.
It maybe in life, yourself, your relationships, maybe you are in the trenches of Motherhood – whatever it is I am here to offer you encouragement.
I am going to be honest with you, lately I have been feeling VERY discouraged.
My life is going through a rough patch – has been for awhile. It is a hurtful time for me & I am so over it. I am 110% done with the stress, nastiness & heartache.
It’s like we take 2 steps forward & 3 steps back sometimes. We know what we are feeling pulled towards & we are working on it but it feels like we have to go over 100 mountains &  down 100 valleys to get there.
Our life has been chaos, pure chaos lately. Now a touch of chaos is alright – but constant chaos – I am not a fan! It’s exhausting, frustrating & stressful. I like my life lived slow. And on top of all this I am sick – again! Nice job body, just what I need, my health condition to flare back up.
Yesterday I made an effort for our day to be slow, I needed a day of nothing.
The kids & I did not much at all, our only focus was long cuddle sessions on the couch – this worked out wonderfully because Tommy decided to have a big cuddle nap on me so LuLu & I joined him.
Last night I shared with some friends that I am feeling really discouraged & asked for those that don’t mind doing so, to pray for me. Pray for my heart & our journey.
This morning I woke up & I feel clearer & lighter. Our life hasn’t miraculously changed over night – but I feel my mindset has.
Maybe it was our slow day yesterday, maybe it was the prayers, maybe it was both – either way I am feeling better.
So friends I want to say to you, if you are feeling stressed, tired, pushed to the end of your limits & discouraged – take a day off.
Make nothing but slowness & love your priority for one day. I know as Mum’s taking a day off isn’t really plausible – but yesterday I still did basic jobs but I also focused mainly on playing & cuddles. So take a day & do something with your family that makes your heart happy. And if you are a faith believing person – pray, ask for prayers & just trust there is a plan.
We can only see the now – He knows the whole story and we have to trust Him.
A friend left a comment for me this morning that spoke right to me, she said something I say so often to my friends – but clearly I don’t tell myself enough.
Our trials make us, they are part of our story, they strengthen & define us. Take them as they come, grow from them & don’t let them get you down. Focus on the joy – I tell everyone this! This is my message I try to imprint on people & I somehow was slipping with it. Find the little things & cherish & celebrate them.
Life can be hard, hurtful, tough & down right stressful – but it is all apart of a greater plan, we just have to trust God (or whatever you believe in) with our journey & not be discouraged.
So dear friends if you don’t mind doing so, I ask you to lift us up in your prayers or send us some positivity & good vibes.
And if you need the same done for you or want to share an encouraging testimony, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me on my social media…
Facebook; Modern Wife Life 31
Instagram; @Modernwifelife31 & @Housewifetohuntress 
Twitter; @Modernwifelife3

Snap Chat; Bindy_30
Have a beautiful Sunday!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 


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