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How to change a life; Graduate To Greatness. {LIVING HOPE}

According to the United Nations, as the number of women who are educated and employed increases, economies grow higher and faster.*

Hi friends,
Many of you know Watoto is an organisation close to my heart – the work they do in Africa is life & nation changing. You may recall a recent post I did on the Watoto Choir, you can read it HERE if you missed it.

Today I am honoured to be able to share with you another branch of this incredible organisation….
Living Hope is an initiative set up to help empower vulnerable women in Africa. It was launched in 2008 and is run by Watoto that has centres in Kampala, Uganda and Gulu.

Watoto Empowerment 600pxSQ4_P2

What does empowerment mean to you? Is it a time someone told you they believed in you and that you had purpose? Was it when someone helped you out or gave you a chance? Perhaps when you were able to achieve something you never thought you would? In this post I want to speak to you about helping to empower extremely vulnerable women in Africa.
In Uganda, 83% of women earn less than $1 USD a day. Watoto is working to turn this around with Living Hope.*
Living Hope is working to restore dignity to the wounded women of Africa. These women have experienced things worthy of nightmares. Some have been victims of war, human trafficking and social injustice and many are HIV+.

Did you know that in a vulnerability survey conducted by Watoto in 2015*:
• 17% of the women survey reported receiving no formal education
• 46% of those who had gone to school never reached P7 (equivalent to Year 7 in Australia)
• 43% of those women were unemployed
• 61% of those women had no income generating skills
• 83% of those women earned less than a dollar a day.

This narrative is all too common in Africa; however, there is hope.
Together, we can change the cycle of poverty.
Living Hope helps women to gain access to much needed medical care, necessary life skills, education, training in business and a craft or marketable skill and empowers women by assisting them in being apart of/or obtaining income generating projects. This allows them to become productive members of their community.


Living Hope has changed the lives of nearly 3000 women and their children (more than 15,000 boys and girls)
During September Watoto is running a campaign “Graduate To Greatness” where they hope to raise enough money to empower 450 vulnerable mothers in Uganda to start their own businesses. We can help give a fellow mother the physical tools she needs to begin generating an income after graduating from Living Hope. Let’s break the cycle of poverty and help them Graduate To Greatness by giving them the gift of a future.

Graduate to Greatness 600pxSQ

When you change one woman’s story, when you empower her, you are changing the story for her family, her community and eventually her nation.


Vivian’s Story from Watoto Australia on Vimeo.

Friends, I deeply encourage you to join me in helping empower vulnerable women and assisting them to Graduate To Greatness with Living Hope.
Please consider donating what you can to the Graduate to Greatness campaign. HERE.

If you are reading this, chances are you are like me – we are fortunate & empowered women simply because of chance, we are born into a country that values education for all & we have the freedom of choice and being who and what we want to be, let us empower our fellow sisters who need a hand up.
We would never want this life for the women we love, our daughters, mothers, sisters or friends – so join with me in helping some of the most marginalised and wounded women of Africa. Whatever amount you can give has the power to help change these women’s lives.
Please donate HERE.  
The goal for this campaign is to raise $30,470 which will be doubled by generous Watoto partners who have pledged to match each dollar up to this amount – meaning $60,940 could be raised! Please friends, I encourage you to donate what you can. And share, share this post, this campaign!

Empowered women empower women.

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Thank you friends, thank you so much.
(Please if you donate, let me know on my social media or comment below – I would love to say thank you and even send out a thank you note! Your support means so much to me, the Watoto organisation and the women we will be helping.)
Snapchat; Bindy_30
Please also check out Watoto on social media! 
Watoto Facebook Australia
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* Living Hope Vulnerability Survey of 490 Women. Conducted by Watoto in Uganda in 2015 across 20 locations in Uganda

2017 · world changers

How to change a life. {Days for Girls}


Yesterday I attended a fundraiser afternoon tea for “Days for Girls”, my best friend Kelsie had invited me & I am so glad she did.
I had briefly heard about the work this organisation does – but I was keen to learn more & do my tiny bit to help, so I off I went to Dalby to attend this beautiful afternoon.
For those who don’t know what Days for Girls is, it is a non-profit organisation that has groups & chapters all over the world that raise funds to make & provide reusable sanitary hygiene kits to give to women in areas of need (Africa, India & Brazil). 
Days for Girls is a feminine hygiene program for women less fortunate than us.
Periods happen to every woman in this world – it is a natural & normal process. Unfortunately though for some girls having their period means losing days of school, work & also being unable to leave the house. They are unable to afford or access sanitary products and resort to using things like leaves, rocks, corn husk, mattress stuffing & newspaper to try and make makeshift products to control the bleeding, the lack of education about menstruation also leads to shame & disgust.
Could you imagine this? We live in such a privileged country – to be honest I hardly think twice about how fortunate I am to have something so basic each time I apply a pad & read the trivia on the back of the packaging while being slightly annoyed at the inconvenience of “that time of the month” – yes, we are that spoilt our feminine hygiene products have trivia on them. Yet, there are women in the world using leaves and hiding away in shame because they are experiencing something so natural and normal. But due to lack of money & resources they can’t access basic products to use during their period so they can’t continue to attend work or school & because of lack of female health education are made to feel ashamed and dirty while they have their period.
The aim for DFG is to supply sustainable feminine hygiene kits to women & girls who would normally go without.  Providing them with education & dignity by giving them reusable sanitary products that are washable & can be reused for up to 3 years and in some areas there are local in-country kit producers, which creates sustainability & provides income for local communities.


This organisation I believe is wonderful & the more I read about it the more I love it & it was put on my heart to share it with you all today.
Women everywhere should have access to sanitary products – menstruating is a natural monthly process which we have no control over.
(I do realise that this issue of lack of feminine hygiene products is not just over seas, there is also problems for homeless & less fortunate women in our own country).
Helping others should be something we all strive to do, it is something I want to raise my children to do without a second thought – to be generous & always look for ways to help those less fortunate – because we are so incredibly fortunate & I believe educating ourselves & also our children on the situations people are in all over the world & ways we can help them is incredibly eye opening and humbling.
If you would like to read more or be involved in Days for Girls I’ve included some links below.
Days for Girls.
Days for Girls Toowoomba.
Days for Girls Dalby.

I feel good knowing the money I spent yesterday is going to assist women & girls to feel more dignified & continue their education.
Yesterday was so lovely, it was a gorgeous afternoon. There were markets, raffles, a silent auction & so much delicious food.

Our thank you gifts for attending the afternoon tea were beautiful tea cup sets & also some delicious fudge!
Kelsie & I with my sleepy little man.136400D3-D529-42B1-BBDB-920AA7A96088_zpsskbxbxym
My handsome little date (fast asleep) & the lovely homewares pack we won in the silent auction. Very happy to know the money I spent is going directly to providing kits for the girls & women. 
God put on a beautiful orange sunset as the afternoon tea ended. 
Friends, thank you so much for reading this post. I urge you to check out Days for Girls and I also would love to know what causes are close to your heart, please leave a comment below or reach me on my social media.

Snap Chat; Bindy_30

Have a beautiful Sunday.