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4 things I adore about my 4 year old.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

Hi friends,
Ok it’s 7:30pm on Monday October, 16th 2017.
In 2 more sleeps I will have a 4 year old. I don’t know if I am emotionally prepared to have my baby turn 4.
FOUR! 4! 1, 2, 3 – FOUR!!! FOUR! I don’t know how many more ways I can type the word, but I am freaking out…
I struggle every birthday, it is so bitter sweet for me. I am so very grateful to God that she is growing up so healthy & smart and I love watching her learn & become her own person, but at the same time I long for her as a little bubba.
I love seeing old videos of her pop up on my Facebook, I have never noticed how much her voice has changed and maybe that is because I’m with her 24/7, but when I hear her on video 1 or 2 years ago, oh my gosh – it is so sweet, my heart nearly bursts.
I could talk about and gush over my daughter all day… I am truly so proud of the little girl she is. So to keep this post somewhat short, here are…
Four things I adore about my darling four year old…

  • She is fierce – so fierce… Fiercely independent, has a fierce thirst for knowledge – she loves to learn and is so incredibly bright, she is fiercely protective of her baby brother and she has a fierce attitude – which at times can be challenging, but I know it’s important to be wired that way, I am too. She’ll grow up not taking nonsense from anyone and be incredibly determined in life. I am so proud she is fierce.
  • She is wise. She is an old soul and understands things far beyond her years. She’s very perceptive of things that are going on around her and in our world, she often doesn’t need to be told about things, yet she understands what I am dealing with. Even the words and phrases she uses often surprises people. Words like; father, goodness gracious, oh my goodness, oh dear, darling, actually and similar – the list is endless and she’s so hilarious. She loves learning new words, what they mean and then using them.
  • She is an absolutely incredible big sister. She loves her baby brother and Trent and I are so proud of how caring she is towards him.
  • She loves music, she sings along to all the country music I listen to and often can be heard singing a country song as she falls to sleep. Her all time favourite song lately is “the outback club” by Lee Kernaghan.
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Our darling LuLu is such a bright, active, creative, fun, sweet girl – we are so proud of her and cannot wait to watch her grow & thrive even more during this next year. She has changed us into the people we are today and we will be forever thankful to God for our darling little sweetheart. Our snuggle bug, our wild & fierce, daring & clever, beautiful & hilarious LuLu bug.
Happy 4th birthday LuLu. I love you so very much.

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2017 · birthday

29 for 29.

Hi friends!
On Saturday I celebrated my 29th birthday.
I’m now in my final year of my twenties and I’m excited for it! My best friend and I have said for the past few years that our thirties are going to be our time to shine. We’ve both had some rough times in our twenties but each year we have become stronger & more confident women, we grow from the times that almost break us, so by the time we are 30 we are going to be unstoppable. So bring on this last year and whatever challenges may pop up, because they always do.

Bindy Scott
Photo by; Tina Ebenal Photography.

My birthday always makes me reflective on my life… Does that happen for you?
For today’s post I thought I would share…
29 things I’ve done/learnt/experienced in the past year…
28 was a bit of a challenging year, it was nowhere near as tough 27 – but I feel it has been a year of huge personal growth for me.

  1. 1 month after my 28th birthday I made a brave decision to value my emotional and mental health more and started to set boundaries in all aspects of my life. Some people didn’t like it and I haven’t heard from them since. And that’s ok.
  2. Just before my 28th birthday I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I’ve continued dealing with that, thankfully most of this year I’ve been reasonably well but recently I had the flu plus some recent stress caused me to relapse. So this year I’ve been learning to focus more on my health – mental, emotional and general and also learning to listen to my body.
  3. I became a Mumma of 2 amazing children.
  4. My second baby is a sweet little boy who makes my heart so happy, he was born at the end of one of the most challenging years I’ve ever experienced. He was the joy of 2016. I am so protective of him. A lot of emotional hurt happened during my pregnancy and after his birth and I think I’ll always now be a bit too protective of him. He deserves nothing but love.
  5. I started writing a column for a local magazine. I’m so proud to have some of my articles in actual print!
  6. I was also on the cover of that magazine this year!
  7. I survived a year of parenting a very smart (often a bit too smart) 3 year old. And 3, I believe is the most challenging age. The questions! The sass! The independence! She’s fierce, beautiful, sassy, wise, hilarious and so wonderful. My girl makes me so happy but so tired!
  8. For almost 1 whole year I’ve been a stay at home mumma to 2 children under 4. (They don’t attend day care and we have no outside help.)
  9. My marriage became stronger, as it does every year. I am so thankful for my amazing husband.
  10. I realised I can be ok on my own. I can make on choices and decisions. I can trust my gut and I do make the right choices.
  11. I cut my hair, shorter than I’ve ever have had it. And I LOVE IT!
  12.  I also dyed a section pink, which was the most “out there” thing I’ve done in a very long time. All for my little girl who always asks for me to have colourful hair.
  13. My confidence and self belief in the last year has grown.
  14. I was a bridesmaid for the very first time. I was so honoured to stand beside one of my dearest friends who has supported me so much.
  15. I found my go to, absolutely amazing chocolate cake recipe.
  16. I discovered the importance of friends that become family. Those real true friends, that make life so much better. My beautiful little support network that listens, values me, doesn’t judge and offers wisdom. I am so incredibly thankful for them and all they do for me.
  17. I’ve learnt to not believe every word that’s said to me. And to remember if someone is saying awful things about others to me, what do/would they say about me to others! I now refuse to draw my judgement of someone else just off what someone else says.
  18. This year there was a hurtful “smear campaign” about me, created by someone who should love me. Many people have believed the most hurtful lies I’ve ever heard about me, but I’ve found the way to rise above it and not let it effect me so greatly is to remember – what someone else says about me reflects more on them than it does me. And those that believe it, don’t know me at all.
  19. I’ve also kept in my mind what others think of me doesn’t really matter, God knows me and my heart and that matters a lot more.
  20. This year my mind has been clearer and I’ve been less anxious. I truly believe it’s because I’ve focused on surrounding myself with people who want good for me.
  21. I’ve learnt the importance of self care and regularly find little moments for myself.
  22. I’ve felt let down and betrayed by some people I love. But it’s all lessons.
  23. I’ve continued trying to grow my little blog and started back making weekly videos on YouTube. I had to rebuild this site after my original one crashed. I have moments of doubt, moments I want to walk away but I keep going. I love my little space on the internet & I believe in encouraging & inspiring mums by sharing my story.
  24. I’ve been scared of this world and our future. There is so much that happens in this world that absolutely terrifies me and makes me scared to think of what my children may have to deal with when they become adults.
  25. Trent and I made a big life changing choice this year which we’ve been silently working hard on… still more work to go, but we feel in our hearts it’s what’s best for us and our children.
  26. I’ve praised God for all the joy and happiness I’ve experienced this year, but I’ve also gotten frustrated when life has been so hard & I have felt helpless, but still I thanked Him even though at times I did question what His exact plan is for me. Than I thanked Him again for loving me, despite my questions and for accepting me for all that I am and I’m not. Moral of the point, be thankful even in hard times. Having faith when life is going great is easy, having faith when life’s rough is what faith is all about.
  27. I’ve laughed, loved and lived this year. This year I’ve felt a sense of freedom.
  28. This year I’ve missed hunting & shooting. Pregnancy and having a new baby has made it a little challenging to get out, but hopefully next year we will all go for hunt during the rut.
  29. I feel proud of myself. I’m 29, I’m still learning everyday and continuing to be a better person. I refuse to let negativity control my life and I strive daily to have a clean and positive mind and a good heart.

28 was another hard year, it was emotionally painful & stressful. There were some very low points but some absolutely amazing highs. But I feel good about 29, I feel it’s going to be better…
For my last year of my twenties I pray I am able to find more peace in my life, calm some of the chaos, become even stronger and grow closer to our Lord.
I pray daily for more wisdom, strength, patience and tolerance. I’m proud of where I’m at and where I’m going.
Thank you for taking the time to read.
Bring of this last year of the twenties!
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