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Ice skating & Disney On Ice {VIDEO}

Hey friends!

Last Wednesday we spent a fun few hours at Ice World at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane celebrating the launch of Disney On Ice “100 years of magic”.
We got to spend some time ice skating and also meet one of the stars of the show…
I filmed some footage while we were there so click HERE to check it out…
We had so much fun ice skating and LuLu did amazing! She was being taught by some lovely young professional ice skaters how to properly skate, so she really enjoyed herself.
We also got to meet and chat to Shelley Craft (Saturday Disney flash back!), she is the current ambassador for Disney On Ice. She is so lovely!

Disney on Ice is skating into Brisbane at the end of June just in time for school holidays! If you would like more information or to purchase tickets please head to Ticketek or click HERE. 

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Rescue Mumma {Give Away}

Hello friends!
Today I have an exciting new company to talk to you about…
Rescue Mumma…
Rescue Mumma is a new subscription & gift box company created by Kimberly from KimberlyRose, this service is designed with Mummas in mind!
The idea behind Rescue Mumma is proved a service to pamper Mums. We often are so hesitant to treat ourselves but this service not only will benefit you, $1 from every box sold goes back to Baby Give Back, an organisation that assists Gold Coast Mums & their children who maybe struggling.
So treating yourself can help another Mum!
These boxes are a great idea for a baby shower gift, a surprise treat to a new Mumma or even just a little gift in the mail to your bestie – because all Mums deserve to be spoilt!
I did my first ever unboxing video with the lovely Rescue Mumma box I was sent, make sure you check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 6.27.16 pm

If you would like to order your own Rescue Mumma box or check out the site click HERE.
If you want to order a box please use the coupon code “LAUNCH5” for 5% off!
To win a box, please check out my Instagram & Facebook page! I’ll be giving away 1 box to one of my beautiful readers! So make sure you enter & tag your Mumma friends to enter too!
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Rescue Mumma did send me this box as a gift, but all opinions are my own. 

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Circus of Illusion {Review – 2017}

Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town!

On Saturday evening we attended the premier of Circus of Illusion.

I was fortunate enough to be invited & I am so glad we decided to go! The show was outstanding! Trent & I went with the kids & 2 of our good friends and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it – well, except Tommy – he slept through the entire show!
The show consists of magic & illusion, there are tricks that will make you wonder how exactly they do it!

There is a comedic clown act by the talented Duban Nickol, he is much more than your typical “red nosed clown”, there is a mime and the 2 headed statue was a very impressive illusion act as well!

Michael Boyd (internationally acclaimed illusionist & also “Australia’s Got Talent” finalist) amazed the crowd with some mind blowing illusions!  

20B6AE7C-7B2F-4740-A355-515FD340EB30_zps6woemzqb21D671E1-7F1D-4EB0-A2E6-B7C310EBA26B_zps2p5tdclrC92D3E00-33EF-4F6B-8936-099197C77629_zpsw2jtmmxg6D5A185B-29EC-4F02-96A2-9F323A45A820_zpstwihsejbMy favourite would have to be the aerial acts!  (LuLu is still talking about these 3 days later!) 

The circus is performed in a heated big top in Southport on the Gold Coast and the show is there until the 9th of July 2017.
I highly recommend you check it out! LuLu has just gone 3.5 yrs old and she was captivated by the show.
There is a lot of crowd interaction & it is a highly entertaining performance! 11BB138C-2DFA-42F7-B208-A583CEDDB7D8_zpssj3mzone

For more information please click HERE or for tickets click HERE.

Have you seen Circus of Illusion?
What did you think?
What is your favourite photo from this post?
Let me know in the comments below or on my social media!
(There is a clip of some of the performances on my social media as well!)

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Also please check out Circus of Illusion on Facebook.

I was gifted tickets to this performance, but all opinions are my own.
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Frosty mornings & how to weatherproof your skin this winter.

This post in sponsored by Bioderma. I like doing posts that highlight good products! All opinions in this post are my own.
Well, winter is here and to be honest so far this year, it has been fairly mild. We have had a few very chilly nights – but nothing crazy cold! But the wind – gosh the wind some days is very icy!
We did get 2 consecutive frosts the other week, so our grass is looking a little less green but I have to admit, I love frosts. They are so pretty & kind of the closest thing we get to snow here in QLD, so I love to slip out early in the morning in my granny gown and photograph them. (I am positive my neighbours think I am nuts!)img_7916img_7912img_7915

I’ve noticed my hands get super dry in the cooler months, especially on the cold chilly mornings after I hang our laundry out on the clothesline for the day. My thumb actually got so dry I got a painful deep crack in the corner of it near the top of the nail! OUCH!
I tried so many things to fix it & nothing would, I was so frustrated with it – so painful & awful.
And then like some wonderful & strange coincidence I got sent a package of Bioderma products suited for dry skin.

In the pack was the Bioderma Atoderm range & I will be honest – I was skeptical, I’ve tried many “dry skin” products and none really work for me.
But this stuff did! And really well!
LuLu & I both tend to get dry & red patches on our faces if we are out in the cold wind too long & 1 application of the Atoderm intensive balm after our showers is all we need, because when we wake up in the morning, our skin is back to normal! And the intensive balm is suitable for the whole family, from our little baby to my husband.
(I have used the intensive balm on my face & body, and it hasn’t caused my skin to break out at all like some other creams tend to! And I have used it on Tommy, it’s very gentle & his dry skin healed quickly.)
The Atoderm intensive balm is enriched with soothing & purifying agents that help to restore the skin to a healthy & comfortable state with the 2-in-1 soothing & dermo-strengthing treatment. It calms irritation and works to restore the skin barrier & nourish the skin.

(The Atoderm Range can also be used to treat atopic skin conditions, such as Eczema, during flare-up periods.)
Click HERE to check it out.

We are all enjoying the Atoderm restorative lip balm & we’ve managed to avoid any nasty dry & chapped lips and I believe it is thanks to this lip balm!
Click HERE to check it out.
Now my absolute favourite product out of the range was ultra repair hand cream. This product is so beautiful, it has a really light clean scent I adore & it feels so good on and isn’t oily at all like some other hand creams can be! And it helped heal my thumb!
This range of products has truly surprised me & I encourage you to check it out if you suffer from dry skin, lips or hands. It is absolutely incredible & something we will be purchasing.
Click HERE to check it out.

Have you tried this range? What products do you swear by to help weatherproof your skin in the cold weather?
I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below or on my social media.
Stay warm friends!

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A bunch of fun with Bunchems! {Review}

This blog post is thanks to Nuffnang & Funtastic Bunchems.

Hello friends!
As the weather cools down and the afternoons get shorter, finding fun & interesting activities for children sometimes become a challenge. 
Today I am here with a review of a new & fun product that I think children will find fun.

They are basically a reusable craft product where the user can create endless creations, limited only to their imaginations. If you think it, you can create it with Bunchems! 
Bunchems are like plastic pom poms, furry little bur spheres that when pushed together magically connect without any adhesives. Once you are done creating, they easily come apart and can be packed away for the next time.  
Bunchems are a new and innovative way to combine construction with craft. 

The pack I was sent is the mega pack and comes with 370 Bunchems and loads of accessories – perfect for creating whatever we could imagine. Included in the pack was a little booklet with lots of creation inspiration.
LuLu and I sat down and had some fun testing this product out, even Trent joined us!

Some of our Bunchems creations were…
A unicorn.

A bird.

A tiger.

A snake.

A dog (or some kind of animal).

A teddy bear.

Which of our Bunchems creations is your favourite?? I really love the teddy & the snake makes me laugh.
I really enjoyed playing with the Bunchems – I think it is a very fun & unique product. I really like crafty, creative toys & this product is reusable – so I think it is great! My little girl who is 2 1/2 also enjoyed it but it isn’t a product she could play with alone yet. I think preschool and school age children would really enjoy this and it could be a great after homework but before dinner quiet activity instead of TV. Normally I would suggest playing outside, but in the cooler months that isn’t always an option. 
Bunchems can promote creative thinking, cognitive thinking, improves motor skills & problem solving
While playing with the Bunchems with LuLu, we were learning colours, counting and also identifying the accessories. As well as planning designs & thinking of how to make them. 
This would be a great item to keep in the cupboard for some quiet play, to play with during family time and would also make a fun birthday gift for a friend!
I would love to hear from you which of our Bunchems creations you loved the best and also what would you create with Bunchems? Please let me know in the comments below or leave a comment on my social media.

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If you would like to purchase a Bunchems pack, you  can do so HERE.


Sunday Series {Gratitude} – Circa Home.

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Happy Sunday friends!
Let us talk about gratitude today in this Sunday Series.

I believe it is one the main keys to being truly happy in life.
It is how I approach situations in my life. The hard, wonderful and average times.
Now this isn’t easy & sometimes I fail, but I try very hard to be grateful in all circumstances.
And yes, even the hard ones. Because at some point I always realise why I went through a hard time. I may not understand it immediately, but I always eventually do. Perhaps it was meant to be a lesson, maybe I was meant to become wiser or it could just be that it wasn’t the right time of my life. 
In all things I remain thankful. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Having a mindset where you purposely seek out the positives in all situations in life truly helps you live a joyous life. 
If you have a tendency to be negative & ungrateful – your life cannot be happy, it never will. 
Finding things in life to be grateful for is easy – well, I feel it is but you need to strip back – stop being so high maintenance and soak in the little things. You just have to open your eyes and look around.. Don’t compare your life to someone who you feel is “better than you”. Often the grass isn’t always greener where you look, it just appears to be. But if you look at your life with a new mindset and truly soak in how fortunate you are, it is easy to be grateful. 
Be thankful for every little thing; your life, family, friends, pets, good health, a roof over your head, running water, electricity, technology, a car, money in the bank, flowers, the fact you can walk, clean air to breath, the freedom & safety of our country, food, modern conveniences, pretty landscapes, bubble wrap and I could go on forever.
But we need to be more grateful, for everything – the good, the bad, the silly, the meaningful & everything in between.
We live in a world that is incredibly materialistic and focused solely on wanting bigger & better. Keeping up with whoever the latest reality star is. That is not what life is about and it is not how you achieve a happy life. 
You can’t buy or earn happiness, happiness comes from gratitude. The moment you start to be grateful for the life you have, I assure you that you will feel happiness. You don’t have to be happy in life to start being grateful, but the moment you start being grateful for what you have you will become happier.
Think of gratitude like a muscle, the more often you use it the more stronger it becomes. It becomes natural to seek out the positives & remain thankful, even in trying times. If you do not practice being grateful, you will struggle. Being grateful is finding the blessings in everything. This mindset is incredibly powerful, it is life changing – there are blessings & joy in every single part of our lives – we just need to be purposeful with our thoughts. 

What sparked this post was partly thanks to a gift I received in the mail on Friday. The most lovely smelling candle by Circa Home that has “gratitude” written on it. It has been burning and that word just keeps staring at me. 

I have tried to live my life in a way that I always search for the joy, even in my dark moments, but that candle kind of made me think more about what am I exactly grateful for?
I am always grateful for;

  • Our God. Always and for all he does in my life.
  • My family, Trent & LuLu and my big family (including the fur members).
  • The fact I am living my dream, I am a stay at home Mumma to the sweetest little girl & a wife to a great man.
  • My wonderful friends, I may not have a giant list of good friends. But for me quality matters more than quantity. 
  • Hugs & kisses from my little girl.
  • Cups of tea in the morning.
  • A home to clean. 
  • The sound & smell of rain or a storm!
  • The internet, even though sometimes it is a love/hate relationship I am thankful for it. It provides a way for me to stay connected with friends that live in other cities & countries & also allows me to do a “job” that I absolutely adore. 
  • A good glass of wine.
  • My husbands job. 
  • My health & the fact my loved ones are healthy.
  • A good & silent sunrise and a beautiful sunset. 
  • Swimming in the ocean. 
  • Snuggly blankets when it is freezing.
  • That I have the ability to give back to others.
  • Modern medicine for when I don’t feel so healthy. 
  • My camera, it allows me to capture so many memories. 
  • The fact I am educated.
  • Books.
  • Nature. 
  • My memories.
  • Times that are hard, because from those I grow. I cannot become wiser without going through rough stages. Going through times that hurt you make you grateful for what you have in life.

My list is endless and I could write down every minute detail of my life, but I am grateful for every single damn thing. The beautiful, good, heartbreaking, bad, funny, trivial and tiny – I love it all.

Now if you would like to win the honeyflower & sandalwood classic candle for yourself please check out the competition page. This candle is such a beautiful scent, it is honeyflower & sandalwood and to me it is slightly sweet but has a slight musky aroma – which I love. It is a nice warm scent, perfect for Autumn. 
Please make sure you enter, you’ve got to be in it to win it & I would love for one of my readers to win this really amazing prize!

If you would like to purchase the honeyflower & sandalwood classic candle, you can do so HERE.  This scent is also available in, a fragrance diffuser & soy melts.  
I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you are grateful for! 
Please a comment below or on my social media! 

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Good luck and make sure you ENTER the competition! 

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The easy way to buy good wine {VinoMofo}

This post is bought to you by Nuffnang VinoMofo.
I really enjoy the occasional glass of good wine. I love sitting back at home with my husband watching a movie or just relaxing with him & enjoying a glass. But, to be honest I am not wine connoisseur – in fact I often struggle picking a good bottle. And once I find a type of wine I like, I kind of stick to it & get a bit nervous on trying new types, because there is nothing worse than buying a bottle of wine that tastes like something my cat produced. 
But I was recently introduced to a company that is on mission to make wine buying easy & affordable and always drinkable. 
Let me introduce you to Vinomofo, an online wine retailer. 
Vinomofo believes everyone should drink amazing wine & they make this easy by pretty much doing all the hard work for you. 
They do not sell anything they personally wouldn’t love to drink. They work very closely with some of the worlds best wine producers to source some amazing wine.
Each wine is put through a tasting panel before it is ordered and only certain amounts of each wine is ordered and they often sell out before the 3 days of sale is finished. 
Many of the deals on Vinomofo are limited until they sell out, Vinomofo also co-produce their own branded wine through the label Kinda Independent Wine Company. KIWC wines aren’t available anywhere else – only exclusively on Vinomofo but they are available all the time on the site. And these wines have some really artistic & fun labels – I am often a sucker for picking wine by the label, if it looks good surely it tastes good! But this method isn’t always a good way to pick your wine, but on Vinomofo you are safe! 
If you love wine, you’ll love Vinomofo! (Getting wine delivered to your door is the best thing!)
Also I think this would make gift buying very easy if you have friends & family who also enjoy good wine!
What is your favourite type of wine? I love a good sauvignon blanc! Vinomofo sent me a beautiful Riesling by KIWC to try & it was delicious, my old favourite Savvy B may have some competition now! 

And I assure you the wine I have had from Vinomofo is very drinkable and tastes like nothing my cat has produced! But in all seriousness, this wine was very nice & easy to drink. Like I said I am not a wine expert, so I am not going to describe the wine – but I really enjoyed it.

Cheers friends.

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Disney Junior’s The Book Of Once Upon A Time. {Review}

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang & Disney Junior. 

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.” – Walt Disney. 

Before I was pregnant there was one thing I knew I would want to teach my children more than anything else, to love books and love to read. Growing up I always had a book with me, I loved to read and still do, this was a trait I wanted to pass onto LuLu, and I feel I am.
Trent & I both love reading to LuLu and she has so many books I feel we could almost open a library! We are always looking for new ways to introduce more reading & storytelling into her life. I have recently been introduced to a wonderful program by Disney Junior, Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time”. 

As a parent, I am very critical with what I expose my daughter too. I want good honest content for her. Content that just isn’t educational but also touches on moral values, social skills, creative thinking, good basic habits and motor skills.
Disney Junior’s animated and live action specials, combine Disney’s unparalleled storytelling and beloved characters with learning components, including early language and maths skills, as well as healthy lifestyles, with an emphasis on social and emotional development.
This is a locally produced interactive story telling series that is hosted by Kate Mulvany. Kate is a well-known Australian actor, screen writer and playwright. You may recognise her from her role on “All Saints” and from appearing in feature films & other television series such as “The Great Gatsby”, “My Place” and “Griff the Invisible”. 
Kate is perfect for bringing Disney stories to life, she tells stories with such great passion and enthusiasm, that comes from a deep & personal fondness for storytelling and igniting the imaginations of young people.

When Kate was a young girl she became extremely ill and spent some time in hospital. During one visit her godmother gifted her a Kit Williams’ picture book, “Masquerade”. Reading this book allowed Kate to imagine a magical and glorious new world where she could escape from reality and was the start of a life-long passion for storytelling. 
Every night at 7:10pm on the Disney Junior channel (709 on Foxtel) Kate delivers a captivating story for young children. Or you can tune in anytime on the website
To coincide with book week starting in Australia on the 24th August, 2015 – this is when the second season of The Book of Once Upon A Time” will begin. The first story will be “Snow White and the Great Jewel Hunt”. Later episodes will include new Disney stories from “Winnie the Pooh”, “Aladdin”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Frozen”. All characters that children of all ages are familiar with and are fond of!
This wonderful series brings classic stories and characters we and our children know and love to life. “Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time” keeps the tradition of story telling alive, with turning pages, exciting voices for the characters & re-enactments and includes the trademark magic of Disney with touches of animation to ignite the imagination of your little one! 
Reading and storytelling is such an important part of a child’s day and can really make a bedtime ritual a little more special! Disney Junior encourages parents to sit down with their children and share a magical & special moment with their little love every evening before bed. After every “Disney Junior’s The Book of Once Upon A Time” episode the “Land of Once Upon A Time” lullaby follows, encouraging children to get ready for bedtime!
Make sure you tune in on Disney Junior The Channel to enjoy this wonderful & calming episode with your child before bed time. This channel is available on all Foxtel subscribing homes on channel 709 or online
On the Disney Story Central app, “The Book of Once Upon A Time” features Disney stories that are available as eBooks. 

Please let me know your thoughts on this wonderful new season of “The Book of Once Upon A Time” and also let me know what your child’s favourite bedtime story is?