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A magical UNICORN party.

Be a unicorn in a field of horses.

There is a massive trend currently sweeping the world, unicorns.
Unicorn everything is everywhere!
LuLu’s best little friend is a lover of all things horse & unicorn, it is so sweet. LuLu doesn’t mind horses or unicorns but she knows Sophie loves them more. So each time we see horse or unicorn anything she has to stop and I have to talk her out of “needing to buy it for Soph”.
Over the weekend we attended the most beautifully decorated unicorn party to celebrate darling Sophie turning 4. (I still am coming to grips with the fact our girls are 4 this year, FOUR!) 
I thought I would share some photos from this stunning little celebration in case any of my friends are looking to have a unicorn themed party…
Everything was done by Sophie’s Mumma, my best friend, the most talented, crafty & amazing party decorator I know – Kelsie. All of LuLu’s parties have been outstandingly stunning because of her, she has helped me so much with decorating… I can have a good idea, but I am hopeless at executing it – where as Kels can have an idea and actually make it happen! Heck, I can half explain the crazy idea in my head & she can actually turn it into some pinterest worthy creation! The woman is an absolute magician with craft supplies & decorations!
(I will do some posts in the future of LuLu’s past parties.)

Unicorn birthday cake
The delicious birthday cake. (In LuLu’s mind Kelsie made the unicorn and caught the fairy… I may have let her look through my old Lady Cottington’s pressed fairy books the other day…)

Unicorn party



Unicorn fudge
Delicious unicorn fudge!

Unicorn cakeunicorn cake Unicorn cake

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My sisters baby shower. {2016}

Good morning friends!
Many of you may know that my sister is due to have her first baby very soon! 
In celebration of that I helped throw her a baby shower over the weekend.
I thought I would share a few little photos, I love seeing party decor photos for inspiration for future events – so I thought some of you may like to see them as well!
For this shower Nikki wanted very simple, nothing over the top, nothing flashy, no balloons or typical party stuff. Just nice, natural, with a touch of woodland/Alaskan theme & some blue. 
I listened to what she wanted and tried to keep the decorations to a minimum. I strung up some simple bunting on a wall, on one window I hung a brown string and pegged up some white baby clothes from when LuLu was a newborn and my friend help me make a “Mum to be” chair sign so Nikki always had a seat to sit in and rest and I hope it made her feel special.

On the gift table we laid down some deer print burlap I’ve had in the cupboard for awhile, I put my standard bird cage for cards on there that I use for most parties & put 2 of my deer antlers around it with a few pinecones. Nikki has a special wooden bear from Alaska she also placed on the table. The candle burning is the baby powder one by Woodwick – it seemed appropriate. 

For my gift I wrapped each item individually and wrote little clues to what the gift was on the packaging. I had 2 Schleich animals to add in and used them as decoration on the gift. My friend made the moose a fun little party hat which my sister absolutely loved! 

Nikki didn’t want a baby shower cake at all, she is not a huge cake fan. But we compromised and I made her a strawberry & cream cake (one of the few cakes she will eat a small slice of). To make the cake a little festive I topped it with a homemade bunting sign with the nickname of her little baby “Yogi”.  

For games we played guess the amount of lollies in a baby bottle, guess the belly size and 2 trivia style games. One list of questions was nursery rhyme trivia and the other was about baby animals. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves but some questions were a little tricky! I just put the question sheet together on pages on my mac. 
I also made up a prediction sheet for the guests to try and guess when Yogi will be born & his weight, name etc. We also put out a book for each guest to fill in a page with a special note of encouragement or advice for Nikki.

It was a lovely afternoon party! My sister seemed to really enjoy herself and liked all the decorations! 
We all cannot wait to meet baby Yogi, the count down is on!