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The start of our new journey… {Simple Living}

Make it simple, but significant. – Don Draper.

Lately I’ve had something on my mind, when i say lately I mean for well over a year. For a long time I have been yearning for a new type of lifestyle, so I’ve been slowly starting a journey towards it for a few months now. But I feel now is the time I want to fill my friends & my readers in on it…

I drift away from this lifestyle idea, but it is only temporary and I am always drawn back to it. And to me that is how I know I am truly passionate about something, when I cannot stop thinking about it. 
The idea of simple living. A back to basic style of life. 

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What is simple living? 
There are so many definitions of simple living, everyones idea is different. For me it is making voluntary lifestyle changes to simplify our life & get back to the basics. 

Now I’m in 2 frames of mind about how I ideally would like to live simply. I love the idea of being a minimalist with only the bare essentials, living off grid & solely off the land & being entirely self sufficient, but realistically it probably isn’t fair on my family or myself or viable really at this point in our lives. So the style of simple living that I keep leaning towards is, well I guess you could say “suburban simple living”. 
Gradually changing small aspects of our lives to be more self sufficient & simple. 
Now while I say all this I must stress I still enjoy our luxuries, I am not parting with my Thermomix which helps me in the kitchen, I like our “things”, I love technology & I enjoy modern conveniences. I want less stuff but I do enjoy what we have. But ultimately I want our home to be filled with things we either need or love, not just “materialistic crap”. I won’t be stripping my daughter of her lovely toys or making Trent part with his possessions – this journey is all about compromise and being realistic, so instead I want to teach my daughter to take good care of her things, make them last but not be materialistic as at the end of the day they are only “things”. I’m not going to go off grid – but I see the sense in cutting down on my technology time. I am still shopping for pieces to add to my new studio (which I will show you all shortly) and also searching for perfect items for LuLu’s big girl room – so I am not claiming I’ll give up my love for Kmart or good deals – but I don’t buy things just to spend money, I buy things we need or love.
So what sparked this lifestyle change? 
I have realised I get so much satisfaction from doing things for my family, myself. I love the idea of living simply & devoting more of our time & selves to each other. Working together to benefit our family and spending quality time with each other. One of my most favourite things to do is to cook an entire meal for the people I love, I love my kitchen being busy, filled with my entire family, eating the food I made for them. That simple moment, makes me so deliriously happy.
We live in such a materialistic & spoilt world. We always want bigger & better and I’m guilty of this too, so I am not judging. We always want to be better than the neighbours. But I couldn’t care anymore what anyone else is doing, I want to be doing things that benefit my family – not just now but in the long run. I want to instil values, ethics and morals into my daughter now that will last with her for the rest of her life. I want her to know how to do things for herself and that you don’t always have to pay someone to do basic things for you! To show her how to live a life that is calm enough that you remember to stop and enjoy the small things. 
I’m not in life to compete with anyone, I am in this life for my family & I feel it’s part of my purpose to make this life as wonderful & honest as I can. For me that is living simply, focusing on family, God and embracing a calmer life.
I want calm, I don’t want chaos, I don’t need drama – I crave simplicity, peace & joy. 
live simply water colour feather quote  joy peace
Over the past few months I’ve made a handful of simple changes in our life; I’ve started making our own laundry powder, cleaning with more natural & home made cleaners, mending more, making homemade gifts, eating venison we hunt, baking our own bread, meal planning, cooking & baking more from scratch and letting go of hurt & anger. While some of these changes aren’t super “convenient” & some people may find them very odd, these changes give me satisfaction & help me live a calmer & simpler life. 
These changes are very small & just a start, but it’s a start & a step towards a lifestyle we desire to have. 
Our next goal as a family is to start a kitchen garden (vegetable garden) so we can grow our own produce. I would love to have an orchard & some chickens as well, but with the chickens – well, I have a border collie who may think they are some type of snack. Hopefully one day if we have enough space we can have some chooks, but at this stage it isn’t wise – well, we will see – maybe I am wrong about Daisy! 
Now we can grow tomatoes like professionals – I am not even joking tomato bushes just seem to follow us and grow everywhere, we can grow cucumbers & squash, but that’s about it. If you have any advice or tips and tricks for growing a very successful veggie garden please let me know! 
A long term goal for us is to purchase a property. We wish to own at the very minimum 41 acres (who knows though, we would be happy with even just 10 acres!) & build a functional & beautiful family home & small farm. We want to have a large vegetable garden, have some fruit trees, raise our own beef & chickens, possibly have a cold room facility so we can butcher our own venison that we hunt, have space for our daughter to play freely & safely.
The certainty of the life expectancy of Trent’s job is currently up in the air which is why we haven’t moved forward on this plan – for now we are staying at our current home for at least 3-4 more years, at the very least. If Trent’s workplace ended up closing we would be fine & are confident in his work skills that he could easily find another job & he already has good contacts to find a new job if he needed to. This doesn’t worry us greatly, we do love the area we live in and hope we can stay here but if we end up moving well then it was meant to be and we will build our dreams somewhere else. But that is why this is a long term goal.
This being said our current home is a stunning & large house that we are very fortunate to have, the only reason we want to move is for more land & to be more rural. We don’t want a bigger house, we just want more acreage! We love space, most of my childhood was spent on my families farm of 102 acres, I love the freedom of owning land – having your own space. Being able to get a goat because you feel like it. I feel more at peace when I am surrounded by “bush” other than neighbours. 
So that’s our dream, one day… One day we will have space, maybe it won’t be in 3-5 years, maybe it will take us 10, but I know one day we will have land and boy, will it be amazing. 
Trent and I are both people who enjoy the outdoors, we are both keen hunters, we both prefer to spend time in the “country” opposed to the “city” – so that would be our ideal life and hopefully if & when we buy a larger piece of land we can build our “forever home”.
So that is where we are at currently. Dreaming of owning a farm, growing our own produce, raising our own meat & just enjoying family life in our own space. But life is a journey and we are well on our way to achieving our dreams one day, we just have to be patient and make do with what we have currently. That isn’t to suggest our life now isn’t wonderful, it is more than wonderful, but we just want land – space to live, grow & be calm. One day, one day we will have it.
Also the images used in this post I designed today, just something I came up with as I was playing with my water colours. I am fairly happy with the feathers I know my “fake calligraphy” needs a lot of work but beside from that – thoughts? Be kind, they are my first attempts really at water colour. 🙂 I really enjoy using water colours to paint, it is very relaxing & I was a bit shocked at how well they turned out!
Until next time, take care.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. – William Morris.
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Sunday Series; Let me ask you a question…

I read a question the other day that has really stuck with me…

“what would you do if you knew you were guaranteed to succeed?” 

That question honestly has not left my mind at all and at times it has made me a bit sad.

I feel I have so many goals & dreams that most likely will never be achieved in my life time, but at the same time the thought I may not achieve everything I dream of just pushes me to at least give them ago. 
So what would I do… 
  • Firstly and it’s the thing I strive to do every single day – be the very best Mother in this world. I know that it is a fairly impossible task as I will never be my Mother, but I give it everything I have and I am determined to be the best I can. I also want to be the best wife to my ability. 
  • I want to be the best version of myself I can – we develop constantly. Our interests, attitudes, likes, dislikes are constantly evolving as we pass through each season of our life – but no matter what, I just always want to remain a good person. 
  • I would want to a great Australian female hunter or at least just be able to hunt, I have had this deep desire to learn to shoot & be a hunter (either with bow or gun) for what seems like the past few years. I’ve never had the chance to go because it’s more of a thing my Dad, Trent & my brothers do – kind of a “girl free” event, but they are slowly working out I still want to go – so maybe one day I’ll get to go. I know I need to work on my accuracy a lot more – but it is a working progress & something I’ll be starting to work on very soon.
  • To go along with the goal of one day being able to hunt, I would also love to be able to skin my kills! If I kill a fox I know it may happen, as my Dad is great at it & will teach me! Ultimately I would love to learn how to do taxidermy – but not on pets (because that is creepy), just for hunting trophies! It is unlikely to happen as I don’t have the time to commit to learn something that is so incredibly hard & detailed, but – it’s a goal. (Also, I would love to learn to butcher my own meat).
  • I would move to America – I am not even joking. I have this very strong pull towards America, I honestly feel like I need to visit the South or even move there! The big touristy cities (L.A, L.V, N.Y etc) don’t interest me that much, New York would be fun, but it’s not a must see for me. Anywhere in the South would make me happy – heck I would even move to Texas. I love Australia I truly do and I know things in real life are different to how they appear online but I have a really strong urge to at least visit America – one day!! 
  • I would start a magazine. This has been something I’ve thought of for a little while, especially since becoming a Mum. No “Mummy magazines” appeal to me, I always want to buy magazines but not one jumps out at me or has anything I find interesting inside! Surely I can’t be the only one who is sick to death of the boring Mummy magazines or the trashy magazines that are packed full of lies? How about a magazines that has a good mix of interesting articles about strong women, recipes, realistic interior design tips, great articles on child development, home making suggestions & tips and fashion that appeals to regular adults? Not midriff baring crop top style hideous looks – just classy & classic fashion. 
  •  And if we are really dreaming, heck I would be a surgeon. Science & the medical field really interests me. There is no way I could ever be a nurse & being a G.P wouldn’t be ideal for me, but being a surgeon would be incredibly interesting, rewarding and would be a very respectful career. 
So they are my “unlikely to happen but hey you never know one day they might happen” goals. (Ok realistically the surgeon one will most likely never happen!) I have a few more goals that are starting but they are still developing in my mind at the moment. 
But just between you and I – I have already started work on one of these goals – I may not get to exactly where I dream, but at least I am starting!! 
(Did any of those goals surprise any of you?)
And I like to keep this thought in the back of my mind when I am doubting myself…

If you had asked me the same question back when I was 18 and fresh out of high school my answers would’ve been very different. They most likely would have been;
  • Travel everywhere, see & experience everything.
  • Be a photographer.
  • Be a journalist for either Rolling Stone or National Geographic (such a typical 18 year old dream). 
  • Or be a lawyer. 
And to be honest I did want to do journalism for a very long time, I did start it at university but surviving on your own in a town hours away from your parents & supporting yourself while dealing with a personal family matter was just too much, I couldn’t do it and I quit. I kind of hate that I quit – but at the same time I feel everything happens for a reason. I ended up working very hard and worked my way through a dodgy job up into a better job with a better position that I feel I should’ve needed a degree to do and that was doing advertising & promotions for a large company. I ran all their promotions, redesigned their whole entire store & over saw the construction of that project & hosted a successful store reopening and did a lot of media campaigns for them. I am proud of the work I have done in a short amount time, even though I know compared to others it really isn’t much. 
I also wanted to do law for what feels like my whole life, like since I was 7 & it is something I am still interested in! But the older I’ve got the more I’ve realised I don’t think that field is for me. Yes I am fairly ruthless & can argue amazingly but to me it seems like a very high stress & at times corrupt job. Not meaning you have to be corrupt to do law, but like every industry there are dodgy people & I don’t agree with that – especially when it comes to dealing with criminals. I just don’t feel like I need a stressful job – I have enough stress already! 
And with travelling I still want to, but my expectations have kind of changed. I think more now about what will benefit LuLu better instead of myself, so that is why we are waiting until she is much older until we travel – so she will remember it better. I think paying an exorbitant amount of money for an overseas holiday with a 1 year old is kind of insane, I would much prefer to go when she is older, so she can actually remember the trip! 

I think it’s great to look back at different stages of my life & see what I considered a “goal” at that point. I’m sure in 5 or 10 years my dreams will be very different again, but I guess that happens. As we mature we develop new interests & dreams – I think it all depends on the season of our life. 
But right now in this season for me, I am focused on being an amazing Mumma, wife & daughter! Anything else I achieve in during this time is an added bonus!

So what would YOU do if you knew you could not fail?
What are you dreams? 
Have a beautiful Sunday!!