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Spring morning routine. {2017}

Hey friends!
For today’s video I have my SPRING MORNING ROUTINE. You can watch it HERE.

Spring Morning Routine

Now, my routine evolves with whatever is going in our life & also with the seasons… The days are starting sooner now & the mornings are so beautiful & warm so we are able to get out and enjoy time outside before the heat of the day.

This routine is when Trent is on day shift, when he is on days off & night shift the routine may change slightly… But when he is on days on, this is pretty much what I do every morning up until around 9:30am. I get a lot done between when we wake up and until Tommy has his first nap. I get my jobs for the day out of the way as fast as possible so the children and I can enjoy our day.

My typical morning looks like;

  • Wake up anywhere between 5:30am-6:30am… Then snuggle in bed!
  • I start my diffuser, I use doTERRA essential oils... (If you would like more info on them please feel free to message me or click HERE.) In this particular video I am using grapefruit, litsea & easy air. I find this blend uplifting & motivating and easy air helps with sinus!
  • I unload the dishwasher (I always run my dishwasher each night)
  • I make our breakfast.
  • The kids go in the playroom to play.
  • I clean the kitchen, wipe down benches, take rubbish out and clean the highchair.
  • Make my bed. My bed has to be made each day!
  • I get myself ready for the day, I like to do really basic makeup & fix my hair quickly, that way I just feel a little better about myself.
  • Put on a load of laundry.
  • Dress the kids, clean teeth etc.
  • Vacuum & mop.
  • Then we all head out into the backyard to water our gardens.
  • We go for a walk around our local area.
  • Peg the laundry out.
  • Come inside, wash hands.
  • LuLu has quiet play time while I cuddle Tommy to sleep.
  • LuLu and I have some fruit together.

That’s our usual routine and I feel having predictable days is so good for kids, they know what’s happening and are more at ease.
What does a normal morning at your house usually look like?
Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on social media…
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Come shopping with us! {Mummy – Daughter Vlog & Haul.}

Hey friends,
What a week! But it’s Friday, I made it to Friday (praise Jesus) and I have a new video for you all!
Click HERE to watch a shopping vlog & haul with LuLu & I! Aug shopping.jpgThis was a really fun day out for just us girls. LuLu was super excited to feature in a video, she’s been asking for awhile to be in them (trying to jump in, lol) So she was so happy to film a few little pieces…

I’m pretty sure though unfortunately from this day, LuLu caught the flu at the shopping centre… Over the weekend she was a little out of sorts, by Sunday night she was complaining of headaches, Monday she was miserable, Tuesday was spent on the couch watching TV & then the early hours of Wednesday morning we were up the hospital in emergency because she had super high temperatures… Thankfully by Thursday she was feeling better & temperatures were down and today she is almost back to normal! And because it’s the way things go, she is going back to being full of energy & I’m starting to feel very unwell… So I am dreading going through the cycle she just went through, it seemed horrific! Gosh, I hope mine is something minor and not the flu!

Anyway, I am off to rest… I hope you enjoy this video! Please leave a comment below, or on the video saying “HI” to LuLu, I’ll read her the comments! Or connect with me on social media!
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Have a great weekend!

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Entire house clean | Cleaning vlog.

Happy Saturday friends!

After I posted my power hour cleaning video the other week I received so many lovely messages on Instagram, Facebook & snapchat about how my video motivated some of you to clean your homes! That makes me so happy to know I’ve encouraged some of you in that way!

So today, I am back with another cleaning video. You can watch it HERE. (Keep an eye out for the sweetest little bit just after 15mins)
clean thumbnail

This one is a bit longer, but it is more vlog/day in the life style video. In this video I have to do semi deep clean of our home… I like to do a good clean like this about once a week – a week & a half. Basically whenever Trent is off & he can entertain the kids for a few hours! It also makes sense to do this clean when he is home as when he goes back to shift the house is very clean & the cleaning I do daily is more of a maintenance style of a cleaning. Like wiping down surfaces, vacuuming with my stick vac, mopping when needed & general tidying up. But on days like this day I like to more thoroughly clean and use my bigger Dyson to vacuum before mopping.
I find doing a little cleaning every single day makes cleaning days like this a lot easier. A big day of cleaning still is exhausting because I basically find things to do all day and really make sure I get as much done as I possibly can, but I feel very accomplished at the end of it. I personally find vacuuming with that big Dyson so tiring – I really like my little stick vac, but I like the deep clean the bigger one gives my carpets.
Also can we talk about how much of a work out changing sheets is! Gosh, it’s tough! Like I said in the video, I never go to a gym – but I feel like I get a work out in when I do a day of cleaning!

Isn’t the feeling of having a completely freshly cleaned home the best? I just love it – especially the next morning when I wake up and everything is so neat & tidy!
Thank you so much for reading this post & watching my video, I would love to know your thoughts – please comment below or on my social media!
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Have a great weekend!

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A week full of the good type of busy!

It was a good week, to have a good week.

Hello friends,
Does your life ever feel like everything happens at once or nothing happens at all? I swear that is how our life goes sometimes, it can be so quiet & calm & then suddenly we have so much going on it is crazy.
Well, this past week just gone was a bit like that – but good crazy! A splash of fun chaos into our normally quiet life. We enjoy & cultivate the calm the in our life, we like it. It allows more time for family, resting, spontaneous adventures & less stress – but the odd hint of busyness is ok too! It is all about balance!
Last week was a very busy one for us, it felt like for most of the week we had something to do!
On Wednesday the kids & I headed to the opening of some new stores in our local shopping centre. It was chaos, & not good chaos, people everywhere – like everywhere!! But it got us out of the house and we enjoyed a day out while Trent spent a day sleeping for night shift.
It was my first time going anywhere with the 2 kids – it was a big (slightly insane) decision to decide to brave crazy crowds on my own with them – especially for the first time out, but it went really well and they were really well behaved. We had a lovely time together.

A beautiful sunset. 

On Thursday Trent came off night shift and it was a rainy day so we spent the day snuggling & resting. The wet weather we were getting was caused by ex-tropical cyclone Debbie. It rained from very early in the morning until late at night. We are fortunate to live in an area that doesn’t flood & we also didn’t get the super bad storms that many people did, but unfortunately many people in our beautiful state have lost their homes, businesses or had them very badly damaged. We are praying for those people. I encourage you that once the towns that have been affected by Debbie get back on their feet that you pay them a visit, because many of the areas that Debbie first hit were beautiful tourist spots in North Queensland.

Bright cheery blooms on a grey day.
I love going for a walk outside after the rain & taking photos of all the wet plants. I think the rain droplets look a little magical!

On Friday morning we said hello to a lizard friend and then we spent the day doing jobs around the house. In the evening we headed to the Toowoomba Royal Show. (A post on that will be up next week!)

Our friend the lizard.

Saturday was a really fun & wonderful day! My best friend Kelsie came to town, her & I (& Tommy) headed to a Harry Potter event hosted by the local library & browsed through the markets. Then we went to the shopping centre so we could check out all the new shops! We had the most delicious lunch at a newly opened restaurant – Betty’s Burgers. Oh my gosh – so good! And then shopped some more! It was a really fantastic day & just what I needed.

Burgers & wine – my kind of lunch, perfect!

Sunday was church in the morning, then a birthday party around lunch time & then groceries.

Sundays are for church. (Tommy’s little feet are so sweet in this photo!)

By the time Sunday evening came I was exhausted!!
I love having lots of fun things to do, but I also just love our quiet weeks! Busy weeks for us are pretty rare, so that’s why I thought I would document this one! I do really enjoy having a quiet life with not a lot happening at once – but I do enjoy on the odd occasion of having a busy & social week.
How was your week?
Let me know below or on my social media.

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And finally, in all of living have much fun & laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. – Gordon B. Hinckley. 
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A lovely Friday.

Oniochalasia (n.) buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation. 

I don’t often do “day in the life” type of posts! But I’ve had a really nice day and I thought recapping it maybe fun! (I apologise for those that follow me on snapchat because you followed along with me today & know most of this!)
Today was a lovely day. It started off with Trent taking the kids for a walk around the block so I could have my breakfast in silence! Now any mum would know that’s a treat, to actually sit down and eat my toast and sip my tea in peace – it was wonderful.
Then Tommy and I got ready and headed to town.
Now for any normal person – this may not be a huge deal. But since I’ve been sick I haven’t been to town by myself  – like it’s almost been a year pretty much! I have never even driven our new car to the shopping centre here! So it was a big day.
When I was pregnant I stopped going out alone because I was much too weak to do many things and I didn’t want to be out alone with LuLu and suddenly become incredibly unwell. So Trent was always with me.
Now being a Mum is something I feel pretty confident with, but going out without Trent is sometimes very nerve wracking for me. I get a bit anxious and stress out, but today I bit the bullet and hit the shops with my little man.
I would’ve never done this with LuLu when she was so small – but being my second baby I’m a bit more relaxed & confident in my self.
I wore Tommy in  my carrier by Burrow Baby and he was perfect – he slept pretty much the whole time! I got to browse through a new makeup store in town which carries all the high end brands and cool American stuff that all the YouTubers from America mention – which I’ll never buy – because $90 on eyeshadow makes me cringe, especially when I think that’s basically our monthly car insurance! (Trust me back in the days of “Bella In Bindyland” – I would’ve bought that eyeshadow without a second thought. But now #priorities)
And I got to walk leisurely through target – it was great!
I found some sweet Bunny items that would make lovely easter gifts. Target also has lots of cute winter pjs coming out!

All items pictured are from Target.
This cute top was from Myer, in the Miss Shop section I believe – I thought it would be a lovely Easter shirt! 

After finishing up in target we headed to the car so I could feed Tommy.

A few snaps of my morning. 

Well, before we left this morning I was a little concerned because he hadn’t done his morning poop – yes, I’m that mother that knows when her kids go/need to go. Anyway, I figured he would go at some point while we were out. Well, while I was feeding him – he did. And I didn’t think much of it, it was a pretty long feed and I felt my jeans get a bit damp and I honestly just put it down to me & him being a bit sweaty. It wasn’t sweat – he had his first ever massive poo-splosion! I was so thankful that I was wise enough to pack a spare change of clothes!! It was bad, like pants and suit had to be changed – really, really bad!
I called Trent for moral support while I cleaned him up – all I could do was laugh. I have never experienced this before – it never happened with LuLu – so it was an eye opener!!

After getting him all cleaned up, we headed to the next shopping centre. (I hate that to go to basic stores I need to go 3 seperate centres – but thankfully after the end of the month they will be all under 1 roof!! I cannot wait! Nothing worse than loading and unloading kids into the car all day!)
At the next shopping centre I found another sweet little rabbit suit that would be lovely for Easter.245022D7-548D-4D1C-BA1F-1968DCB31F74_zpsgsyqrtwtThis is from Best & Less – isn’t it so sweet! If only Tommy was a little girl!

Tommy once again slept most of the time and was just a little champ! So proud of him!
I managed to eat some lunch and grab a few groceries then I was ready to head to Aldi and then go home.

Some funny things that happened today; one was the amount of comments I got from people about Tommy being the carrier. I heard a few “oh look, did you see she’s got a baby in there” & lots of compliments of how content and handsome he is and how nice the wrap is & questions on where I got it.
The other funny (awkward/hilarious) moment was in Aldi – I was walking down an aisle and got bombarded by what seemed like an Asian tour group. They swarmed me and seemed infatuated by Tommy. Through our very confusing conversation with their very broken English I think they asked if Tommy was my baby and if I was his mum. When I said he was my baby they seemed to think I was much too young for children and kept saying “no, no school girl” – which I replied I was married and showed them my wedding ring. It was a very funny but difficult conversation. They did want to kiss Tommy, which I politely declined and let them pat him instead.
So that was my Friday – how was yours?
(I would love to say a big thank you to Trent for letting me have such a lovely day today. He & Lucy stayed home  & had a nice Daddy/daughter day together. He is a wonderful husband who makes sure I get some “self care” time in. I am thankful he realises how important that is!) 
I did a haul of my purchases on Snapchat – so if you like please feel free to check that out! If you miss it, I’ll be sharing some of my purchases over the next week or so over on my Instagram! So make sure you are following me on social media!

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Have a great weekend!

Life is good, especially on a Friday.