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Welcome to  Modern Wife Life 31…

  • I am Bindy. Well, Belinda – but I hate that and anyone who knows me knows that – people who tend not to like me overuse the name “Belinda” constantly – so lets just say my name is Bindy! 
  • I previously wrote over at “Bella In Bindyland”.
  • I took a year long break away from writing so I could be with my daughter while she was a newborn & during her first year.
  • Now that she is a little older and I have been getting some “me” time, I felt I should be using my time wisely instead of wasting it – so I had a very strong urge to start this site & now here we are.
  • I am 26 – 27 in September. 
  • I love my faith & I look forward to expanding my knowledge as I learn more about it.
  • I am married to a great man – Trent, he loves to hunt & fish. 
  • We have an amazing little girl, LuLu. She is so clever, fearless, funny & so incredibly sweet. 
  • We have 4 furbabies – Duke, Daisy, Mishka & Spook.
  • I do live a very blessed life and it is something I am truly grateful for.
  • I love the colour turquoise – well I really like anything in that blue/ cool coloured colour wheel – mint green, turquoise, blues – I just like them all.
  • I really like squirrels – I don’t know why, I just do. I’ve never met a squirrel but I think they are great. I may have a squirrel collection… 
  • I have a Thermomix – I own the TM5 and I love it, it’s name is ‘Thermie’!
  • I love the satisfaction of a clean house, it maybe a bit of an obsession. 
  • I love what I do, I know to some ladies staying home being a “housewife” is not their idea of a great life choice – but it is for me. I truly love my role and I am very grateful that I have the means & opportunity to be a “stay at home Mum”.
  • I love candles, my favourite scents are really clean scents – like linen. But my candle selection varies on the season!
  • I love anything to do with antlers, deer heads, hunting, camo, hides/skins… I am not joking. I dream of having a deer head hung in our living area or having an antler chandelier. I wish I could hunt, my husband, dad & brothers do and they are actually very good at it – I am yet to go on a trip – but I do think it would be great.
  • I grew up on a property where we had cattle & goats and I feel I had an amazing childhood and wouldn’t change it for the world. 
  • I am the eldest of 4 children.
  • My parents are amazing people who I respect and look up to. I can rarely make a decision without their input. 
  • I love taking photos. My photos mean so much to me.
  • I adore country music – it is the only type of music I listen to! The Zac Brown Band is possibly my most favourite band ever.
  • I am also really short, like just over 5ft. I think I am 5ft1″ (or 2). 
  • During high school I had very blonde hair, I highly doubt I will ever go back blonde, I love the “dark side” too much! 
  • I cannot stand fake people at all. If you lie to me, act fake, be dodgy – I don’t care – that’s it – I do not need people in my life like that. 
  • I can cut people off very quickly – I guess I can be ‘cold & hard’ in that sense. I will be kind & lovely to you as long as you are the same to me. Disrespect me or my family or be disloyal, then your actions are final and I truly can just move on in my life without you. 
  • I prefer to spend time with positive people who make me truly happy instead of spending a bad time with a negative person who is cruel or tries bringing me down. 
  • I live in a small town outside of Toowoomba, Queensland – Australia! 🙂
  • I am a wife, a Mumma, a daughter, a sister & a best friend. 
  • I am not perfect, nor is my life – what I write here is at times just an edited version of my existence. 
  • I love writing, so I am very glad to be back ‘blogging’.
My wonderful husband and I being a bit silly 🙂  

My whole world. Being her Mumma is the greatest joy in my life.
Daisy, Duke, Mishka & Spook.

So that’s a little about me, so what about you? I want to know! Leave me something about you in the comments below – even just tell me what city/state/country you live in or let me know what you would like to read here! 
Thank you so much for reading, please be patient with me as I work on some content & a blogging schedule – trying to get back in the blogging game after being out of it for a year is a bit tough! So thank you for your patience!
Talk soon!! 
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