Rainy days.


Today was rainy – I like rainy days…
I get to drink multiple cups of tea, wear a cosy jumper and I just love that vibe. (Very Folklore…)
I am certain last winter we didn’t have any rainy days – isn’t that crazy.
So each time it rains here this year, I just feel so thankful.
For as long as I’ve been taking photos, like since before the days of Bella In Bindyland. One of my favourite things to do is go outside when the rain stops, when everything is still drenched and just take photos. I love marvelling at the rain drops pooled on the plants and the how the tiny water droplets cling to the grass. To me, it is like my yard has been transformed to a magical place – it’s calm, silent & beautiful.
12’ish years ago I use to just share these photos that I took on a dodgy little point & shoot camera on my facebook page in an album titled something “so unique” like
❤ My Photography ❤
(I come from the era of msn spaces & myspace and at that time myspace was phasing out, but I was clearly still holding on…)
I remember one comment pissing me off a fair bit… I had taken a photo of my clothesline after the rain and this person had left a comment mocking the photo and saying it was lame (or something similar…)
Since then I often try to get a cool shot of raindrops on the clothesline, today I feel I nailed it… And even if I didn’t do it well enough to anyone else’s standards, I think it’s a cool shot and I am now at that point in my life where my opinions are what matter to me, not anyone else’s.
So here are some of the shots I captured whilst wandering around my misty backyard in my dressing gown this morning…
(Tell me which photo you like the best? Clearly I think they are all kinda cool…)




Snapchat; Bindy_30

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