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Being on live TV. {VLOG}

Hey friends!

The past few weeks have been a little bit of a whirlwind… After THIS blog post was shared on the Daily Mail I had a few interesting emails. From magazines and TV stations… It was all very sudden & surprising! The TV show I decided to go on was the Today Extra show… (I found out everyone is very competitive and if you are being on one show, they don’t want you chatting to others etc… So I kind of had to pick one.)
So Thursday the 12th of October I was set to be on on live TV… Yes, I do make YouTube videos & I love that – but live TV is a whole different ball game. I am fine chatting to myself on camera and I can redo my video if I mess up, with a live TV segment – that’s it. If you mess up, well – not much you can do… But, I was determined to do it, so nerves shoved aside – I was doing this! I just prayed super hard I didn’t blank, swear or faint!

So last Thursday I was awake bright and early and I headed to Brisbane with my best friend Kelsie and my little man Tommy…
I vlogged a little of our of day and in the video I also include my segment from the Today Extra show – you can watch it HERE.


Thank you to channel 9 and the Today Extra show for having me on the show, thanks to my sweet hair & makeup lady that made me look so good on TV and to the producers for being so easy to work with and for answering my endless questions.
Biggest thank you to my constant support system, Trent, Kelsie and my kids. Thank you Trent for staying home with the girls & thanks Kels for coming to Brisbane with me, dealing with my minor anxiety attack & for loving on my sweet little man, I am so glad you were there with me. Thank you also to all my friends & family who knew about this leading up to it and were my cheer squad and encouraged me to jump at this chance. You all mean so much to me. Thanks to my sister for talking me through finding the right top for TV & encouraging me to try a different colour! You were right, it looked nice!
And thank you to you guys, without my friends/readers/supporters I wouldn’t get opportunities like this – so thank you!
This month has been an absolute whirlwind, for my little blog and also for our family, our life is nonstop lately & I’m a bit tired… More on that another day though.
Have a wonderful weekend…
Snapchat; Bindy_30

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