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Power Hour video | Cleaning tips.

A clean home, is a happy home.

Hi friends!
I just posted a new video on YouTube – my first ever power hour/clean with me video! To check it out click HERE!speed clean

Now, let’s talk power hours/speed cleaning/timed cleaning…
What is a power hour? Basically you write out a list of jobs, set a timer and do as much as possible in that time frame… I regularly do cleaning sessions like this, especially when Trent is home to distract the kids for me. When I am home on my own, my cleaning is normally done when I can fit it in… I usually try to complete my cleaning in the morning & that way it’s done for the day and then I can focus on the kids… I do really enjoy it though when I have my own spare time and I can focus on getting stuck into cleaning really good and completing most of my to-do list – I find it so satisfying & feel very accomplished!
Even on the days we are super busy, I try to set aside at least 10-20 minutes of focused cleaning, that may just involve putting the laundry on, making the bed, cleaning the kitchen & vacuuming. You will surprise yourself with how much you can get done in such a short time frame & it is great motivation to “race the clock”.

In the video you’ll see me tidy the kitchen, our bedroom, ensuite, dining room, lounge, bring the laundry in & put away, vacuum and also pick up in the play room & LuLu’s room.
Some notes from the video; 
I get easily side tracked when cleaning, I have my list but then I just get in a cleaning zone & just clean everything I touch… Which is why in the video I just decide to randomly clean the stove top & range hood and then decide to dust/polish the bedroom. I am just a tiny bit of a clean freak…

These are some tips I follow so I can easily maintain my home so it’s always tidy & clean;

Kitchen; aim to have clear benches. It just makes the kitchen look neater and it’s easier to clean. On my front benches I have nothing that permanently stays there, on my back benches I have appliances I use regularly… Mainly because I don’t have storage big enough for the kitchen aid & thermomix. Flat surfaces, especially kitchen benches tend to become dumping grounds for “junk” – try to eliminate that by having a place for everything or making a daily effort to clear off surfaces. Try to clean your kitchen every night, it’s always so lovely waking up to a clean kitchen!

Bathooms; wipe down daily or every second day. If you clean regularly, this stops dirt & grime building up – so cleaning is easier. If left to get very dirty – then it takes more effort & time.

Laundry; if possible fold laundry at the clothes line/dryer – that way once inside you just have to put it all away. Occasionally it’s not possible for me to fold it at the line (maybe I am in a rush, it’s raining or way too windy) in this case I fold everything as soon as I get inside. Doing the task immediately instead of putting it off I find is the best course of action, then it’s done… If you leave it to sit, you just keep putting it off and the pile grows.

Floors; invest in a stick vac & vacuum daily! I vacuum at least once a day, usually twice. This comes back to my point about the bathrooms (& honestly, just cleaning anything in general!) – cleaning regularly makes cleaning easier. If you let everything build up it becomes overwhelming and a bigger task – doing a little or quick clean every single day makes everything easier.

I hope you found this video & post motivating & helpful.
I would love to know your best cleaning tips, please comment below or contact me on my social media!
Snapchat; Bindy_30


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