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How to change a life; Watoto Choir. {2017}

Watoto means “children” in Swahili. 

Hello friends!
This past Wednesday we were fortunate enough to catch a performance by the incredibly talented Watoto choir.


Now you may recall me mentioning Watoto on my social media.
But for those that don’t know about Watoto, it is an incredible church based organisation that helps orphans and vulnerable women in Uganda.
This cause speaks right to my heart, I’m so deeply moved when I learn about people & children in such disadvantaged and horrific situations. You can read more HERE. 
The choir we saw was the 86th choir and they were incredible. The moment we walked into the Oakey cultural centre we had 2 of the sweetest & friendliest little boys rush up to us for a hug & to welcome us. They scooped up LuLu & offered to carry her to our seats.
These children have been through times I cannot even imagine & they are so positive & full of joy.
Seeing the choir perform I feel is life changing.img_6871-2img_6872-2img_6867-2img_6870-2 This is my 3rd time seeing them perform – I saw last years choir (choir 79) perform twice.
The performance is just so terrific! Not only is it full of so many talented singers singing the most wonderful and God honouring songs but then there are the stories & testimonies that speak right to your heart.


I encourage you, if you have the chance – please check out the Watoto choir & also the organisation.
They are currrently touring Australia.
They still have a handful of shows left in Queensland, before heading to New South Wales and then making their way across to Western Australia. (Check out tour dates HERE)


Before we went on Wednesday, LuLu and I spent the day speaking about a few hard topics. We spoke about how very, very fortunate our life is & how sadly others in this world aren’t so fortunate. I purchased a book about Watoto at last years performance and this was a great resource to use to go through so she could get a visual idea. With her being just 3.5yrs old we stuck to the very basic points that sadly some little kids don’t have mummies or daddies to care for them and in some situations people & children have to live in some not very nice places. We looked at the photo of the slums in Africa and imagined how sad & awful it would be to live like that.
Now I’m not trying to scare my daughter or speak terribly about other peoples way of life – we do shield her from many things in this world (such as terrorism) but what I never want to do is to raise my children thinking everyone is like us. I don’t want to have kids who live with a deluded state of mind that allows them to be ignorant to other’s situations. I pray I am raising good, strong, honest, kind and generous kids with hearts for helping others. I want them to be appreciative and humble – knowing they do live very comfortable and “spoilt” lives but at the same time having the knowledge that others aren’t so fortunate and having a heart to want to help them in anyway they can, big or small.
One day I pray that when the kids are old enough we are able to take them to visit Watoto (or a similar organisation), so we as a family can volunteer and do our little bit. So our children see first hand the way others live.
After the performance you have an opportunity to buy some merchandise, I love the beautiful bracelets on sale (the necklaces are just as pretty, but #mumlife & a grabby baby+beaded necklaces=disaster!) Last year LuLu got 2 precious handmade dolls. The handmade merchandise is made by The Watoto Living Hope organisation which is an initiative to empower vulnerable women in Africa.img_6898-1The top bracelet is from last year & the bottom 2 are from this year. The tiny pink one is LuLu’s & she just loves it!

Have you seen the choir perform?
If you would like any further information on Watoto or tour dates please check out the website HERE.
Here are some photos of last years concert at the Highfields Baptist Church & the Whitehill Church of Christ in Ipswich.

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Have a lovely week friends.

Snap Chat; Bindy_30 
Please also check out Watoto on social media! 
Watoto Facebook Australia
Watoto Facebook International
Watoto Instagram Australia
Watoto Instagram International
Watoto Twitter Australia
Watoto YouTube
Watoto Vimeo – this site has some wonderful videos. 

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