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A week full of the good type of busy!

It was a good week, to have a good week.

Hello friends,
Does your life ever feel like everything happens at once or nothing happens at all? I swear that is how our life goes sometimes, it can be so quiet & calm & then suddenly we have so much going on it is crazy.
Well, this past week just gone was a bit like that – but good crazy! A splash of fun chaos into our normally quiet life. We enjoy & cultivate the calm the in our life, we like it. It allows more time for family, resting, spontaneous adventures & less stress – but the odd hint of busyness is ok too! It is all about balance!
Last week was a very busy one for us, it felt like for most of the week we had something to do!
On Wednesday the kids & I headed to the opening of some new stores in our local shopping centre. It was chaos, & not good chaos, people everywhere – like everywhere!! But it got us out of the house and we enjoyed a day out while Trent spent a day sleeping for night shift.
It was my first time going anywhere with the 2 kids – it was a big (slightly insane) decision to decide to brave crazy crowds on my own with them – especially for the first time out, but it went really well and they were really well behaved. We had a lovely time together.

A beautiful sunset. 

On Thursday Trent came off night shift and it was a rainy day so we spent the day snuggling & resting. The wet weather we were getting was caused by ex-tropical cyclone Debbie. It rained from very early in the morning until late at night. We are fortunate to live in an area that doesn’t flood & we also didn’t get the super bad storms that many people did, but unfortunately many people in our beautiful state have lost their homes, businesses or had them very badly damaged. We are praying for those people. I encourage you that once the towns that have been affected by Debbie get back on their feet that you pay them a visit, because many of the areas that Debbie first hit were beautiful tourist spots in North Queensland.

Bright cheery blooms on a grey day.
I love going for a walk outside after the rain & taking photos of all the wet plants. I think the rain droplets look a little magical!

On Friday morning we said hello to a lizard friend and then we spent the day doing jobs around the house. In the evening we headed to the Toowoomba Royal Show. (A post on that will be up next week!)

Our friend the lizard.

Saturday was a really fun & wonderful day! My best friend Kelsie came to town, her & I (& Tommy) headed to a Harry Potter event hosted by the local library & browsed through the markets. Then we went to the shopping centre so we could check out all the new shops! We had the most delicious lunch at a newly opened restaurant – Betty’s Burgers. Oh my gosh – so good! And then shopped some more! It was a really fantastic day & just what I needed.

Burgers & wine – my kind of lunch, perfect!

Sunday was church in the morning, then a birthday party around lunch time & then groceries.

Sundays are for church. (Tommy’s little feet are so sweet in this photo!)

By the time Sunday evening came I was exhausted!!
I love having lots of fun things to do, but I also just love our quiet weeks! Busy weeks for us are pretty rare, so that’s why I thought I would document this one! I do really enjoy having a quiet life with not a lot happening at once – but I do enjoy on the odd occasion of having a busy & social week.
How was your week?
Let me know below or on my social media.

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And finally, in all of living have much fun & laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. – Gordon B. Hinckley. 

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