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A lovely Friday.

Oniochalasia (n.) buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation. 

I don’t often do “day in the life” type of posts! But I’ve had a really nice day and I thought recapping it maybe fun! (I apologise for those that follow me on snapchat because you followed along with me today & know most of this!)
Today was a lovely day. It started off with Trent taking the kids for a walk around the block so I could have my breakfast in silence! Now any mum would know that’s a treat, to actually sit down and eat my toast and sip my tea in peace – it was wonderful.
Then Tommy and I got ready and headed to town.
Now for any normal person – this may not be a huge deal. But since I’ve been sick I haven’t been to town by myself  – like it’s almost been a year pretty much! I have never even driven our new car to the shopping centre here! So it was a big day.
When I was pregnant I stopped going out alone because I was much too weak to do many things and I didn’t want to be out alone with LuLu and suddenly become incredibly unwell. So Trent was always with me.
Now being a Mum is something I feel pretty confident with, but going out without Trent is sometimes very nerve wracking for me. I get a bit anxious and stress out, but today I bit the bullet and hit the shops with my little man.
I would’ve never done this with LuLu when she was so small – but being my second baby I’m a bit more relaxed & confident in my self.
I wore Tommy in  my carrier by Burrow Baby and he was perfect – he slept pretty much the whole time! I got to browse through a new makeup store in town which carries all the high end brands and cool American stuff that all the YouTubers from America mention – which I’ll never buy – because $90 on eyeshadow makes me cringe, especially when I think that’s basically our monthly car insurance! (Trust me back in the days of “Bella In Bindyland” – I would’ve bought that eyeshadow without a second thought. But now #priorities)
And I got to walk leisurely through target – it was great!
I found some sweet Bunny items that would make lovely easter gifts. Target also has lots of cute winter pjs coming out!

All items pictured are from Target.
This cute top was from Myer, in the Miss Shop section I believe – I thought it would be a lovely Easter shirt! 

After finishing up in target we headed to the car so I could feed Tommy.

A few snaps of my morning. 

Well, before we left this morning I was a little concerned because he hadn’t done his morning poop – yes, I’m that mother that knows when her kids go/need to go. Anyway, I figured he would go at some point while we were out. Well, while I was feeding him – he did. And I didn’t think much of it, it was a pretty long feed and I felt my jeans get a bit damp and I honestly just put it down to me & him being a bit sweaty. It wasn’t sweat – he had his first ever massive poo-splosion! I was so thankful that I was wise enough to pack a spare change of clothes!! It was bad, like pants and suit had to be changed – really, really bad!
I called Trent for moral support while I cleaned him up – all I could do was laugh. I have never experienced this before – it never happened with LuLu – so it was an eye opener!!

After getting him all cleaned up, we headed to the next shopping centre. (I hate that to go to basic stores I need to go 3 seperate centres – but thankfully after the end of the month they will be all under 1 roof!! I cannot wait! Nothing worse than loading and unloading kids into the car all day!)
At the next shopping centre I found another sweet little rabbit suit that would be lovely for Easter.245022D7-548D-4D1C-BA1F-1968DCB31F74_zpsgsyqrtwtThis is from Best & Less – isn’t it so sweet! If only Tommy was a little girl!

Tommy once again slept most of the time and was just a little champ! So proud of him!
I managed to eat some lunch and grab a few groceries then I was ready to head to Aldi and then go home.

Some funny things that happened today; one was the amount of comments I got from people about Tommy being the carrier. I heard a few “oh look, did you see she’s got a baby in there” & lots of compliments of how content and handsome he is and how nice the wrap is & questions on where I got it.
The other funny (awkward/hilarious) moment was in Aldi – I was walking down an aisle and got bombarded by what seemed like an Asian tour group. They swarmed me and seemed infatuated by Tommy. Through our very confusing conversation with their very broken English I think they asked if Tommy was my baby and if I was his mum. When I said he was my baby they seemed to think I was much too young for children and kept saying “no, no school girl” – which I replied I was married and showed them my wedding ring. It was a very funny but difficult conversation. They did want to kiss Tommy, which I politely declined and let them pat him instead.
So that was my Friday – how was yours?
(I would love to say a big thank you to Trent for letting me have such a lovely day today. He & Lucy stayed home  & had a nice Daddy/daughter day together. He is a wonderful husband who makes sure I get some “self care” time in. I am thankful he realises how important that is!) 
I did a haul of my purchases on Snapchat – so if you like please feel free to check that out! If you miss it, I’ll be sharing some of my purchases over the next week or so over on my Instagram! So make sure you are following me on social media!

Snap Chat; Bindy_30

Have a great weekend!

Life is good, especially on a Friday. 


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