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Hello, let’s catch up!

Be thankful for everything that happens in life, it all adds to your story. 

Hello – how are you?
It’s been a while – I know.
I haven’t posted on here since August last year. That is 5+ months!!! I am sorry!
I kept posting regularly on social media though, so what happened last year is documented in many posts over there. But basically 2016 was crap right up until mid December, when our little man made his arrival.
Our Tommy was born at 6pound 9.5ounces, very furry and looks just like his Daddy – he is amazing.
Tommy is the sweetest little man and the 3 of us are head over heels in love with him!
I am not going to heavily focus on last year, but basically my pregnancy was a little bit rough thanks to an auto immune health issue I was diagnosed with mid way through my pregnancy. It isn’t pleasant and it is ongoing, but compared to how I felt last year – I am feeling much better now!
2016 made me stronger, my marriage stronger, it showed me who truly cares & is there to support us in life & it gave us our wonderful little man. So despite it being a very, very hard year – I am thankful for it and the end of the year was absolutely wonderfully memorable & that is what we will take away from 2016. Not the sickness, hurt, stress & fear.
In the last 6 weeks since Tommy’s birth we’ve celebrated Christmas and New Year and just enjoyed life as a family of 4.
LuLu is an amazing & loving big sister – just like we knew she would be. She is so proud & very protective of her “baby brother” & is a great big helper.
Tommy thankfully has been a very easy & relaxed little man. He is very strong and sleeps & feeds very well.

Our children.*

Trent & I are enjoying being parents to 2 kids. I feel we work great together as a team, I can’t imagine doing this parenting journey with anyone else – he is such a hands on Dad – he does just as much as I do with the children. He is truly such a brilliant husband, I am so thankful that I am his wife, he always takes such good care of me, especially during 2016 when I was so unwell & we felt deserted by almost everyone else. I’m so lucky to have him. Family dirt road loveMumma and children sunflowers QLDWe revisited the sunflower fields again this year! 

So that is a very brief & mini update on our life.
Moving forward – I will try to get back into the swing of blogging now. I am hoping to get back to 1 post a week, but forgive me if I don’t manage that.
I have a give away I am hoping to get up very shortly, so stay tuned! I was hoping to have that up earlier in the month, but sometimes life comes first.
In other big news, Highfields/Toowoomba locals keep an eye out for the February/March edition of Highfields’ Own magazine – I’ll be on the cover & be the feature inside. So that is all kinds of exciting & I am still in a bit of shock that I was asked to do that!
In the meantime if you want to keep up with my regular little posts please check out my social media accounts;

Snap Chat; Bindy_30

So we will talk soon – ok.
I’ve missed this, I hope you are all well.
* To maintain our children’s privacy we will continue to show limited images of them & the images we will share we try to make sure they aren’t very identifiable. As much as we would love to share them with you, sadly the internet isn’t an innocent & safe place. Thank you for being understanding. 

I am thankful for my struggles, because without it – I wouldn’t have found my strength. 

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