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A bunch of fun with Bunchems! {Review}

This blog post is thanks to Nuffnang & Funtastic Bunchems.

Hello friends!
As the weather cools down and the afternoons get shorter, finding fun & interesting activities for children sometimes become a challenge. 
Today I am here with a review of a new & fun product that I think children will find fun.

They are basically a reusable craft product where the user can create endless creations, limited only to their imaginations. If you think it, you can create it with Bunchems! 
Bunchems are like plastic pom poms, furry little bur spheres that when pushed together magically connect without any adhesives. Once you are done creating, they easily come apart and can be packed away for the next time.  
Bunchems are a new and innovative way to combine construction with craft. 

The pack I was sent is the mega pack and comes with 370 Bunchems and loads of accessories – perfect for creating whatever we could imagine. Included in the pack was a little booklet with lots of creation inspiration.
LuLu and I sat down and had some fun testing this product out, even Trent joined us!

Some of our Bunchems creations were…
A unicorn.

A bird.

A tiger.

A snake.

A dog (or some kind of animal).

A teddy bear.

Which of our Bunchems creations is your favourite?? I really love the teddy & the snake makes me laugh.
I really enjoyed playing with the Bunchems – I think it is a very fun & unique product. I really like crafty, creative toys & this product is reusable – so I think it is great! My little girl who is 2 1/2 also enjoyed it but it isn’t a product she could play with alone yet. I think preschool and school age children would really enjoy this and it could be a great after homework but before dinner quiet activity instead of TV. Normally I would suggest playing outside, but in the cooler months that isn’t always an option. 
Bunchems can promote creative thinking, cognitive thinking, improves motor skills & problem solving
While playing with the Bunchems with LuLu, we were learning colours, counting and also identifying the accessories. As well as planning designs & thinking of how to make them. 
This would be a great item to keep in the cupboard for some quiet play, to play with during family time and would also make a fun birthday gift for a friend!
I would love to hear from you which of our Bunchems creations you loved the best and also what would you create with Bunchems? Please let me know in the comments below or leave a comment on my social media.

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If you would like to purchase a Bunchems pack, you  can do so HERE.

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