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Happy Sunday friends!
Let us talk about gratitude today in this Sunday Series.

I believe it is one the main keys to being truly happy in life.
It is how I approach situations in my life. The hard, wonderful and average times.
Now this isn’t easy & sometimes I fail, but I try very hard to be grateful in all circumstances.
And yes, even the hard ones. Because at some point I always realise why I went through a hard time. I may not understand it immediately, but I always eventually do. Perhaps it was meant to be a lesson, maybe I was meant to become wiser or it could just be that it wasn’t the right time of my life. 
In all things I remain thankful. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Having a mindset where you purposely seek out the positives in all situations in life truly helps you live a joyous life. 
If you have a tendency to be negative & ungrateful – your life cannot be happy, it never will. 
Finding things in life to be grateful for is easy – well, I feel it is but you need to strip back – stop being so high maintenance and soak in the little things. You just have to open your eyes and look around.. Don’t compare your life to someone who you feel is “better than you”. Often the grass isn’t always greener where you look, it just appears to be. But if you look at your life with a new mindset and truly soak in how fortunate you are, it is easy to be grateful. 
Be thankful for every little thing; your life, family, friends, pets, good health, a roof over your head, running water, electricity, technology, a car, money in the bank, flowers, the fact you can walk, clean air to breath, the freedom & safety of our country, food, modern conveniences, pretty landscapes, bubble wrap and I could go on forever.
But we need to be more grateful, for everything – the good, the bad, the silly, the meaningful & everything in between.
We live in a world that is incredibly materialistic and focused solely on wanting bigger & better. Keeping up with whoever the latest reality star is. That is not what life is about and it is not how you achieve a happy life. 
You can’t buy or earn happiness, happiness comes from gratitude. The moment you start to be grateful for the life you have, I assure you that you will feel happiness. You don’t have to be happy in life to start being grateful, but the moment you start being grateful for what you have you will become happier.
Think of gratitude like a muscle, the more often you use it the more stronger it becomes. It becomes natural to seek out the positives & remain thankful, even in trying times. If you do not practice being grateful, you will struggle. Being grateful is finding the blessings in everything. This mindset is incredibly powerful, it is life changing – there are blessings & joy in every single part of our lives – we just need to be purposeful with our thoughts. 

What sparked this post was partly thanks to a gift I received in the mail on Friday. The most lovely smelling candle by Circa Home that has “gratitude” written on it. It has been burning and that word just keeps staring at me. 

I have tried to live my life in a way that I always search for the joy, even in my dark moments, but that candle kind of made me think more about what am I exactly grateful for?
I am always grateful for;

  • Our God. Always and for all he does in my life.
  • My family, Trent & LuLu and my big family (including the fur members).
  • The fact I am living my dream, I am a stay at home Mumma to the sweetest little girl & a wife to a great man.
  • My wonderful friends, I may not have a giant list of good friends. But for me quality matters more than quantity. 
  • Hugs & kisses from my little girl.
  • Cups of tea in the morning.
  • A home to clean. 
  • The sound & smell of rain or a storm!
  • The internet, even though sometimes it is a love/hate relationship I am thankful for it. It provides a way for me to stay connected with friends that live in other cities & countries & also allows me to do a “job” that I absolutely adore. 
  • A good glass of wine.
  • My husbands job. 
  • My health & the fact my loved ones are healthy.
  • A good & silent sunrise and a beautiful sunset. 
  • Swimming in the ocean. 
  • Snuggly blankets when it is freezing.
  • That I have the ability to give back to others.
  • Modern medicine for when I don’t feel so healthy. 
  • My camera, it allows me to capture so many memories. 
  • The fact I am educated.
  • Books.
  • Nature. 
  • My memories.
  • Times that are hard, because from those I grow. I cannot become wiser without going through rough stages. Going through times that hurt you make you grateful for what you have in life.

My list is endless and I could write down every minute detail of my life, but I am grateful for every single damn thing. The beautiful, good, heartbreaking, bad, funny, trivial and tiny – I love it all.

Now if you would like to win the honeyflower & sandalwood classic candle for yourself please check out the competition page. This candle is such a beautiful scent, it is honeyflower & sandalwood and to me it is slightly sweet but has a slight musky aroma – which I love. It is a nice warm scent, perfect for Autumn. 
Please make sure you enter, you’ve got to be in it to win it & I would love for one of my readers to win this really amazing prize!

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I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you are grateful for! 
Please a comment below or on my social media! 

Snap Chat; Bindy_30
Good luck and make sure you ENTER the competition! 

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