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The easy way to buy good wine {VinoMofo}

This post is bought to you by Nuffnang VinoMofo.
I really enjoy the occasional glass of good wine. I love sitting back at home with my husband watching a movie or just relaxing with him & enjoying a glass. But, to be honest I am not wine connoisseur – in fact I often struggle picking a good bottle. And once I find a type of wine I like, I kind of stick to it & get a bit nervous on trying new types, because there is nothing worse than buying a bottle of wine that tastes like something my cat produced. 
But I was recently introduced to a company that is on mission to make wine buying easy & affordable and always drinkable. 
Let me introduce you to Vinomofo, an online wine retailer. 
Vinomofo believes everyone should drink amazing wine & they make this easy by pretty much doing all the hard work for you. 
They do not sell anything they personally wouldn’t love to drink. They work very closely with some of the worlds best wine producers to source some amazing wine.
Each wine is put through a tasting panel before it is ordered and only certain amounts of each wine is ordered and they often sell out before the 3 days of sale is finished. 
Many of the deals on Vinomofo are limited until they sell out, Vinomofo also co-produce their own branded wine through the label Kinda Independent Wine Company. KIWC wines aren’t available anywhere else – only exclusively on Vinomofo but they are available all the time on the site. And these wines have some really artistic & fun labels – I am often a sucker for picking wine by the label, if it looks good surely it tastes good! But this method isn’t always a good way to pick your wine, but on Vinomofo you are safe! 
If you love wine, you’ll love Vinomofo! (Getting wine delivered to your door is the best thing!)
Also I think this would make gift buying very easy if you have friends & family who also enjoy good wine!
What is your favourite type of wine? I love a good sauvignon blanc! Vinomofo sent me a beautiful Riesling by KIWC to try & it was delicious, my old favourite Savvy B may have some competition now! 

And I assure you the wine I have had from Vinomofo is very drinkable and tastes like nothing my cat has produced! But in all seriousness, this wine was very nice & easy to drink. Like I said I am not a wine expert, so I am not going to describe the wine – but I really enjoyed it.

Cheers friends.

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