Merry Christmas. {2015}

Christmas is almost here, 3 more sleeps and it is Christmas Day!
My house has been cleaned countless times, the gift shopping is done, surprise gifts have been sewn, parcels and Christmas cards have been posted and most gifts are wrapped. 
Tomorrow it all starts for us, my Uncle is flying in to stay at our house for a few days for Christmas and we are all very excited. 
We are hosting Christmas at our house for the 2nd year in a row and I am so full of joy.
I love Christmas, you know that, but I really love hosting Christmas. I specifically purchased the largest dining table we could afford when we bought our furniture for this house because I knew I wanted to host Christmas as often as I could.
I love the busyness, the chaos, the loudness, the laughter and just my people all being together under my roof enjoying themselves. 
Admittedly at some point during the prep of cooking everything I may stress at one point or another, but it’s all part of it. Being flustered and a bit overwhelmed is to be expected when you are cooking for 10 people.
It is the only type of stress I really look forward too. 
Like I said I love Christmas, and everything that comes with it. 
I am trying to purposefully take time at the end of each day and just soak it all in. Soak in what we did during the day, soak in my favourite moments and just remember why we celebrate Christmas. Remembering Jesus is always important everyday to me, but especially at Christmas. It can be a time when we get distracted with earthly possessions and become materialistic – but I strive not to be. For me I get more joy out of giving gifts than receiving and when I do receive a gift it doesn’t matter about the price tag, if someone went out of there way to select a gift for me – I am thankful. That is so kind of them and I am grateful. A way I stay focused on why we celebrate Christmas is by reading nativity stories to LuLu as often as I can, to me it is important that we remain focused on and I teach my daughter why we truly celebrate Christmas and not have it be so much about gifts and selfish reasons. 
One of LuLu’s favourite Christmas carols is “Away in a manger” – she loves it because I love it and because it’s about “bubba Jesus”. She is such a sweet girl. 
Well, I best be off, it is after 10pm! 
I thought I would quickly write this post to wish you all the most lovely Christmas.

Merry Christmas to my lovely readers, my friends. 
I hope you have a joyous Christmas Day and you are surrounded by all those you hold dear.
I wish you a day full of love, laughter, too much delicious food and good times that become memories you’ll cherish forever.
I pray that you take a moment amongst the craziness that comes with this festive season and remember why we celebrate Christmas and give thanks to our Saviour. 
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Merry Christmas.

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