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Easy DIY colour book for your toddler.

Today for “Toddler Tip Thursday” I am bringing you a super easy and cute DIY for you to do for your toddler or young child, this project will help them learn colours. This little DIY is basically free if you have a collection of stickers and coloured markers laying around the house like I do. 
This project takes maybe an hour at the most, way less than that if you are uninterrupted. You could probably complete it while your little one naps.
This is how to make a paint chip colour book;

You will need;

  • Paint chip cards of a variety of colours, get 2 slightly different cards of each colour you wish to use. (Bunnings and Masters don’t seem to mind when I take a few colour chips home, when I say a few I mean like a handful. I guess if someone gives your grief or you need to explain yourself, either say you are making a colour book or your painting a rainbow in your kids room and want to get a rainbow of colour chips to pick the shades) You could also just use white coloured card and paint or colour it in… But the paint chip cards make it very easy. 
  • Stickers to match the colours.
  • Colourful pens/Sharpie/Markers to write with.
  • Glue.
  • Clear contact or a laminating machine.
  • Hole punch.
  • Ribbon or split ring.
Step 1;
Raid your local hardware store for paint chips in a variety of colours. I went for every bright colour I could find and also brown and grey. Remember to only get paint chips from the same brand so they match up together well, as they’ll be the same size. I forgot this and only got 1 yellow one, so luckily I had spare ones at home but the spare was from a different brand so I had 2 from 2 different brands, it still works but it doesn’t look totally perfect. 
Step 2; 
Lay out how you want your book to flow. 
Then put the book together to see which cards need to be glued to the back of each other. 
Step 3; 
Glue the cards together. I found it easiest to have the book set up/stacked together how I wanted and then I just worked through it gluing the backs to each other until I was done.
Step 4;
You could let your child help with this step… Decorate with stickers and write the colour name on the card. 

Step 5;
Cover with clear contact or laminate. I laminated mine and just a word of warning, I stupidly didn’t think when decorating mine and used little jewels and 3D stickers, they don’t go through the laminator well. My red page is a bit ruined! 
Step 6;
Hole punch the sides of the pages and secure with ribbon or hole punch in the top corner and secure with a split ring.
Step 7;

LuLu likes her little book and we go through the colours and point at all the different stickers. I really like this project, using the paint chips with different shades and tones of the colours shows children that colours come in a variety of shades. 

I hope you give this project a try, it is super easy and can be as detailed or as simple as you like. If you do try this DIY please tag me in it on social media! 

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