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Day 9; Flashback Friday. {Blogging Challenge}

Day 9; Throwback Thursday. Flashback Friday.

My little girl turns 2 in 9 days. 2. TWO! My girl who was a teeny tiny little newborn that I feel like was just in my tummy is turning 2. 
I will be a Mumma of a 2 year old…
As you can tell I haven’t fully come to terms with this. I am always so thankful each day we wake up together that we are both healthy and growing older every day, but at the same time some days I miss those tiny newborn days. The constant feeding & cuddling. The hours that would drift by as we both just sat in the feeding chair getting to know each other. Thankfully she is still a snuggly little girl, but she is also active, fun, wild and so smart. Everyday for her whole life she has amazed me at what she knows and understands. I am so lucky to be her Mumma, as much as I would love to rewind the past 2 years and play them again or even just have 1 more day with my newborn LuLu, I am so excited to have a little 2 year old. 
This is where I may end this blogging challenge for now. Not because I am not enjoying it, but life is going to get crazy busy over the next week and I want to solely focus on preparing LuLu’s big girl room and also finishing off her birthday decorations. 
I will update on instagram and facebook when possible but for now, I think I’ll have a week off to focus on celebrating my darling girl, the light of our lives.
Talk soon,

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