2015 · blogtober

Day 6; My pet peeves… {Blogging Challenge}

Day 6; 6 Pet Peeves…
Right… Pet peeves, annoyances, things that irk me… 

  1. Lies.
    This is my number 1 thing I hate. I cannot stand it. I have ended friendships with people because they continually lied to my face, I hate being lied to. And I can tell 98% of the time if someone is lying to me. It makes me sick that someone can stand there and lie to my face. 
  2. A messy house.
    Well, my house. If it isn’t at a certain standard of clean I almost lose my mind. Clean freak? Yes, that’s me…
  3. Bad drivers.
    Enough said – I think everyone gets frustrated by some drivers on the road.
  4. People who don’t respect personal space.
    You know those people who stand in line behind you at a store, like they could almost lick your neck they are that close – GET AWAY FROM ME! Personal bubble buddy, personal bubble. 
  5. Being unprepared & having things happen at the last minute.
    Now I am ok sometimes for the odd last minute invite or surprise drop in, but most of the time I like to have everything planned out. So that way I am prepared in every way possible.
  6. People who lack common sense, basic life smarts, manners & tact.
    I am a huge fan of just good, honest, life smart, well mannered, down to earth & humble people. People that know how to do things, that aren’t silly & ditzy or immature, that aren’t rude & disrespectful and you can have an intelligent and good conversation with without wanting to strangle them. 
So they are my top 6 pet peeves.
What are yours? Let me know!

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