Light up your celebration with ILLOOMS.

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang & ILLOOMS.

We are on the count down now to LuLu’s 2nd birthday party. 
Emotionally I don’t know how ready I am for it, but I’ll save that for another post!
I’ve been searching Pinterest for inspiration and trying to plan things out, party planning is serious business!
I have found a very awesome and unique product to use at her party this year, a product which will “light up” her party.
ILLOOMS – Illuminated balloons! Yes, balloons that have a light in them! A bit more special than the average balloon I think! 
ILOOMS have a tiny little LED light inside each balloon and stays lit up for 15 hours! 
You just pull the easy pull tab, the light is activated and then you inflate the balloon to the suggested size and there you have a really fun party decoration that most people will have never have seen before. 
These will be perfect at her party as it may end up turning into an evening BBQ with some close friends & family.
I am planning on using the pink colours as this will suit her theme perfectly. I really love the marble pink balloons. So beautiful.

We inflated some the other day to test them out and they are really cool. 
We inflated a marble balloon, I have never seen a marble balloon before, so I think that’s amazing & when it is lit up it is so pretty. 

We also inflated 2 aliens (they flash!) & 1 little purple girly balloon. LuLu thought her new little friends were just great! The aliens would also be great for Halloween!

ILLOOMS have a variety of themes & colour choices to suit any celebration.

If you want to check out ILLOOMS you can find them at major retailers; Big W, Kmart and Woolworths. 
I hope you enjoyed this review on this fun product & if you use ILLOOMS to light up your next celebration, I would love to see some photos!

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