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Day 5; Top 5 favourite movies… {Blogging Challenge}

Day 5; Top 5 favourite movies…
Ok, if you have been a reader/follower of my blog/s, social media etc. You will know I am a huge movie fan. I have a DVD collection that could revival a video shop – hold on DVD shop, wait… Do they even exist anymore? I only know of 1 DVD rental place left in our town! 
Anyway, I love movies. 
Narrowing it down to my top 5… Gee, that’s hard. Really, really hard. But let’s try…

1. The Blind Side. 
I love, love, love this film. 
2. Milo and Otis.
What can I say, this movie still blows my mind how they filmed it. I have loved this film since I was a child. I love watching it with LuLu.
3. The Help.
Just brilliant, I really enjoy this story.
4. The Others.
I do love a good thriller & this one is one I’ve watched for years. 
5. A League of Their Own.
Amazing, brilliant – I just love this movie. I’ve been watching it since I was a little girl.

Now for some honourable mentions…

Hocus Pocus  – best Halloween movie!
Cinderella – Both the original and the current version are so lovely.
About Time – I really like time travel movies. Age of Adaline is also lovely.
Step Mom – It is such a sad but nice movie, but I really love it.
Steel Magnolias – I do love a good a Dolly Parton movie. 
8 Seconds – A movie we’ve been watching in my family for years!
Almost Famous – When I lived alone and was 19 I would watch this movie almost every weekend.
Lawless – I really enjoyed this movie and have re-watched it a few times. 
The Vow – Such a sweet movie, I love all those Rachel McAdams movies. 
What To Expect When You’re Expecting – I watched this a bit when I was pregnant, it was actually very relatable for me in a handful of the scenarios.

Now I also have a little but growing collection of Christian movies, I really enjoy them. They are good & honest movies with lovely meanings to them.
I thought I would include a photo of my small collection, I have watched all of these and re-watched a few 3 or 4 more times. 

(Also I realise some people don’t like “Noah” the movie, I agree that parts of it aren’t very true to text or nice… It was a good movie, but not very true to the Biblical version. For entertainment purposes it was ok, but I do agree that some of the “Hollywood additions” took away from what is, a very important Bible story and made it almost, mythical/unbelievable – perhaps?) 
The top favourites for me were…
God’s Not Dead.
Mom’s Night Out.
Heaven Is For Real.
Facing The Giants.

I also have a fairly decent horror movie collection and a wonderful Christmas movie collection. If you would like to see either of those make sure you let me know!
I hope you enjoyed this list and possibly found some new movies to check out! 
Let me know what your favourite movies are! 
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One thought on “Day 5; Top 5 favourite movies… {Blogging Challenge}

  1. I love the vow! I rented Cinderella and it is on my Christmas wish list. I will be deciding on my list and posting it later today. I have over 250 movies and I have too many to just choose 5 so may also need to do a honourable mention.


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