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Day 4; The story behind my blog name… {Blogging Challenge}

Day 4; The story behind my blog name…
I actually get asked regularly what made me create a new website, why did I rename my blog, why I chose Modern Wife Life31 and what does the 31 stand for?
So let me shed some light…
I created a new blog at the start of this year (2015) because I wanted to start fresh. 
It sounds cliche but since having my daughter I feel I am a different person, I have different ideals & values and I feel my blogging style has changed a lot. I wanted a new space to display that, so I was brave and created a whole entire new site. My original blog “Bella In Bindyland” is still active and I am not ashamed of any of the work I did over there, but it was time for a change – a fresh start. 
Now for what made me pick this name… Well, it was the product of me brain storming with 2 friends. I had spoken to them about creating a new blog back in December of 2014, I kept having a really strong urge to write again. I had just taken over year off to spend with LuLu after she was born, but I felt I was ready to get back into writing. I wanted to create a blog that was about being a wife, mothering, life & trying to encourage & inspire other Mums and wives. Giving parents fun ideas to do with their little loves, displaying cool new products, sharing recipes (I am not a food blogger though), sharing household tips and occasionally sharing snippets of our lives. I needed a name that reflected that, a name that summed me up. I love being a house wife, I love being a Mumma and I love having this platform to speak to you all on. 
My friend sent me a list of great name ideas (she is a creative genius) and I showed it to another friend and we decided “Modern Wife Life” was perfect. I added the 31 for myself, a nod to my favourite Proverb, something that every time I saw my blog name I was reminded of the woman I aspire to be, to remind me to keep this place positive & encouraging. 

I also have another section of this blog I occasionally write about, my “Housewife to Huntress” – this name was once again brain stormed with my super smart & amazing friend. The name speaks for itself, I enjoy hunting, it’s something I want to do more of (one day, hunting kind of has taken a back seat – being a Mumma comes first!) and I enjoy practicing shooting targets. This series is about documenting my journey from being a “Housewife to Huntress”.
Now I have been back blogging for about 10 months… And guess what? Recently I have been having a really strong urge to sit down and talk to a camera again… Yes, film videos again!! So I’m trying to heal my voice (I have laryngitis – fun times) and once I’m better, if I still feel like it – I will try to get back into filming some videos!
Let me know what you think about that, would you want to watch videos by me? If so, what sort of videos? 
So I hope this has explained to you, why my blog is called “Modern Wife Life31”. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!
Facebook; Modern Wife Life 31
Instagram; @Modernwifelife31
Twitter; @Modernwifelife3

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