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Day 1; My goals for October… {Blogging Challenge}

3 blogs in 1 week, what? What is going on? Well, be prepared for more!
If you follow me on instagram, you’ll notice I just uploaded an October Blogging Challenge image… 

Basically it is prompts to blog every day in October… 
I did something similar about 3 years ago over on my first blog, Bella In Bindyland & I really enjoyed it. That being said I didn’t have a 2 year old to chase after then! 
But I want to do this… I enjoy writing & having something creative to do everyday. Some days I may stray from the prompts, but for the most of it I will use them, some posts maybe just uploaded on social media as I don’t think my “outfit of the days” are worthy of a whole blog post! I also may miss a day here & there, so I apologise in advance if I skip a few! But I am going to try my best!
So let’s do this…
Day 1;
Your goals for October…
My goals this month is too firstly get well. I’ve been unwell now for a weeks, it started as a cold, then sinus infection, then I thought I was well and just the other day I got told I had laryngitis – fun times. So I feel awesome right now <- that there is sarcasm. So my main focus for the next few days is trying to get better so LuLu has her fun, energetic and patient Mumma back again.
My next main focus, is LuLu’s 2nd birthday & her party. I need to get better ASAP so I can continue planning and making decorations! Her party this year is a lot smaller than lasts, just close family & a handful of friends, but I still love decorating & making it special. 
My other goals are just the same goals I have everyday, the same things I pray for, just to for me to be a better version of myself. Be kinder, be wiser, be more patient and stress less. Be a better Mum, wife, daughter, sister & friend.
So they are my goals.
What are yours?
If you blog and want to do this challenge, please comment below so I can check out your blog – I would love to read your posts!
Well, good night loves. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow, I am hoping I can stay on top of this challenge!
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