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DIY Toddler Father’s Day cards.

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” – Unknown

So, we are in September – SEPTEMBER! When did that happen, I feel like I was just taking down the Christmas tree last week… But now being in September, that means I am just months away from setting it up again!! CHRISTMAS… Ok, calm down – wrong holiday for this post… 
September also means – Father’s Day. It is this Sunday! Like in 3 days.
I’ve been pretty organised this year, I have got a gift for Trent & my Dad organised and I have planned a family lunch for Sunday. But sometimes these events just sneak up on us, one day you are thinking “right, Father’s/Mother’s/Valentine’s Day is almost here, I must pick up a card” and then BAM it’s the next day! And you are a left without a sweet card to give to the special person you are celebrating.
Today I am here to share 2 super easy card designs that toddlers can do. So simple that you can do them the night before at bath time, let dry over night and then you have an adorable & unique card! I do suggest either doing them outside or at bath time for easy clean up as both designs use paint.
To start both cards, get an A4 piece of paper (or card stock if you have it) and fold it in half to create a card shape. You can have the card in any style you like, but I found having them horizontal was best for both of these designs.

I’m hooked on Daddy!

Fish card;
1. Coat toddlers hand in an even layer of paint.
2. Do a hand print sideways.
3. Help toddler finger paint some seaweed along the bottom of the card.
4. You can either help your child paint the blue water in or do it later yourself.
5. Once card is dry, draw details on. (Fish eyes & lips, fishing line, hook and message) 
6. I get LuLu to sign the inside of all cards we give by giving her a pencil and letting her do a little “scribble” on the blank side of the card.

Dad card;
1. Get some masking tape.
2. Tape out the word you wish to spell. (Dad, Pop, Mum, Nin etc)
3. Sit your toddler down with an assortment of paints (try to stick to 2 or at the most 3 basic colours, as all the colours will eventually be mixed together during the painting process!)
4. Let them paint all over the page (fingers & hands work great for this project)
5. Let the paint dry.
6. Carefully peel the masking tape away revealing your word.
7. Write a message inside!

We made the fishy card this year for Valentine’s Day (LuLu’s Poppa got one too!) and the “Dad” card was for Trent’s birthday. Both of these designs would be very sweet for Father’s Day cards. 
Cute message ideas for inside the card can be a nice quote (Pinterest has tons! Check out my Father’s Day board HERE) or a sweet acrostic poem is fun and shows creativity!
Some ideas are;



If your child is school aged this would be an excellent english activity for them to do!
I hope this gives you some inspiration for a sweet project to do with your toddler or child. 
I hope you have you have a lovely Sunday spoiling the special men in your life. I am looking forward to our family lunch celebrating my wonderful husband Trent & my Dad (LuLu’s Poppa – she loves him so much). 
I am extremely fortunate to have married a man who is such a brilliant & hands on Dad, he works incredibly hard at his job and comes home and helps me in anyway he can with LuLu, something that I know is sometimes rare with Dads. Trent is such a smart, kind, adventurous, generous, hard working, handsome and amazing man, I am so lucky to be his wife!
I am also very blessed to have the greatest man in this world (in my opinion) for my Dad, he has worked tirelessly for my whole life to give us 4 kids & Mum an amazing & easy life. He is so intelligent, hilarious, witty, honest & kind. I couldn’t ask for a better Dad. 
And our little LuLu just adores her Daddy & Poppa!

I am so thankful to have 2 amazing men in not only my life, but especially LuLu’s. She loves them with all her heart.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Step-Dads, Poppa’s & also the Mumma’s who do the job of 2 parents, have the most lovely weekend!

A Father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you get.” 

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