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Housewife to Huntress; Getting licensed to shoot…

Ok, so we all know by now that I am determined to learn to shoot well & eventually be able to hunt…
Well, before I can get my own gun or legally shoot on my own, I need my firearms license. Before you get a license in Queensland you need to take part in & pass a Firearms Safety Course. 
On Saturday the 21/March I did my safety course with Downs Protection. 

These guys were great, it wasn’t a huge class and it was really easy to follow along with because they thoroughly explained everything and made sure everyone understood each point.
The course is designed for someone that has zero gun experience or knowledge. 
There are 2 forms of assessment when it comes to passing the course, the theory test & a practical test.
The theory test is easy (well, I thought so) & it tests you on what you learnt from that class. Every question is based on what you learnt that day – nothing is based on prior knowledge. (Even though everything taught in the class I feel I already knew, my Dad & husband are big on being safe around guns. But also a lot of stuff is basic common sense.)
The prac side of the course is firing a gun, this was done at ‘The Open Range’ in their state of the art indoor shooting range. 
I assume each course is slightly different, but we had to check the gun & make sure it’s clear, load a magazine & put it in the gun & then successfully fire it twice.
Firing the gun is easy, the test isn’t assessing how well you shoot or if you are accurate, it’s testing you on if you can handle the gun safely & put into practice the skills you learnt that day.
We used a bolt action .22 – but when Trent did his course (with another company) they used a break action & a bolt action.

I apologise for the dark photos – but this is my doing the practical side of the test.

After talking to Trent & comparing our courses, the company I did my course with sounds a lot better. Our instructor had a slide show & spoke about everything so we all understood each point really well – Trent’s course wasn’t like that and he also had to sit in a hot church hall to do his & then go to an outdoor shooting range, ours was in an air conditioned classroom & then the indoor shooting range – it’s the little things people!
I’ve wanted to do this course for a long time & I am so happy I finally have done it & passed!
The courses are well worth doing if you are interested in guns and it is a legal necessary requirement if you are wishing to obtain your firearms license, another benefit that I see for doing my license besides from the fact I can buy my own guns & legally use them on my own is that Trent has his own gun, if something ever happened to him or his license I can legally take over the ownership so we don’t lose it. (If you accidentally forget to renew your license you have to have another licensed person to sign them over to until yours is renewed)
I just applied for my weapons license online (which is the easiest way to do it) – I needed to prove my change of name (from being married), my drivers license number, a copy of my Firearms course certificate, proof of my SSAA membership & you have to include a passport style photo. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes. There is a 28 day cooling off period before the license starts being processed & it normally takes about 2 months for it all to be approved, which is an incredibly long time. And then when I want to purchase my first gun, I again have to wait 28 days before I can pick it up. So in about (hopefully) 3-4 months I will have my first gun to show you all! 
If you have any questions about the course or the steps to get your firearms license feel free to contact me & I can try to help!
The company I did my course with is ‘Downs Protection’ they are based in Toowoomba and I highly recommend them. 
Downs Protection website
Down Protection Facebook page. 

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