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Introducing Housewife to Huntress.

Hey everyone!!
So, I have a bit of an announcement for this post… 
An announcement I am super excited about…
I am sure some of you may have clued onto the fact that I am fairly keen on shooting & hunting from my last few posts (and especially if we are FB friends), but it’s something I haven’t ever had a chance to learn or do. 
But I have been given an absolutely amazing opportunity & I’ve partnered with my favourite gun store ‘The Open Range’ to bring you all an on going series of posts about my journey from being totally green with any sort of gun experience to being able to shoot well & hopefully eventually being able to go on a successful hunt (well, hunts…)
So I am very excited to introduce you all to my new series…

I am incredibly excited about this and it is truly something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and something I am passionate about and so determined to become very skilled in. And I am so excited to be working with ‘The Open Range’ to bring you this series! 

I am fully aware that I won’t wake up tomorrow morning and be able to shoot perfect, this is a long term thing I’ve committed myself to & it will take a lot of practice not just with a gun but also fitness, which I am super keen to do! 
So you maybe asking, why guns? Why shooting? Why hunting?
I do have a reason besides being really interested in the sport, I would love to change the stigma & stereotypes associated with hunting. I am so sick of people looking at me like I am insane or cruel because I want to learn to hunt. 
And I know it’s almost an impossible fight. But I’m willing to try.
But ultimately I do want to appeal to my female audience and explain it’s not a sport that’s cruel and senseless, it isn’t scary or dangerous if you are smart & safe, you don’t have to be rough or an overly tough girl to do it & that you can still do it & still look good 😉 
(and by good I mean classy, when I can, hopefully I can do some great hunting apparel hauls & reviews & hey, to make it fun maybe an outfit of the day post when I get to go hunting!) 
Shooting a gun isn’t hard, anyone can do it – you pull a trigger. But it does take practice to have good control of a gun & shoot accurately. And you have to be responsible because you are in control of a firearm. Being safe is the most important part of learning to shoot. I know my accuracy isn’t perfect & that’s my first goal, to get that on point. And it can take years to get amazing, but let’s pray I pick it up quickly. 
The other weapon I would eventually want to learn how to use is a compound bow. But we will focus on one thing at a time for now – maybe!
Going to a gun range and firing guns (like Trent & I did in THIS POST) is great fun & an excellent way to experience guns if you never have before, especially if you think it’s a past time you could be interested in. You do not need a license to go & you don’t even need to know how to hold a gun. If you go to ‘The Open Range’ (or somewhere similar if you aren’t local to Toowoomba) they talk you through the whole experience, teaching you correct hand placement, they will load the gun for you & talk to you while you are preparing to shoot & even give you tips on how to aim better or how to improve your accuracy. It is done in their state of the art indoor firing range  which is a safe and controlled environment. I had such a great time shooting there, I love it and it is where I will be also doing a lot of my practice! And to make it better all the guys that work at ‘The Open Range’ are really friendly and offer great advice. 
Hunting is done with a specific purpose in Australia – it is used basically as pest control. Pigs, foxes, deer, hares, wild cats & dogs & kangaroos are pests. Yes, roos are native & you do need a permit to hunt them, but they are pest to farmers. I don’t plan on going around slaughtering countless possums & koalas or other natives – because you don’t shoot those animals – I would see that as senseless. But going to a property with permission of the owner and helping them cull the pests that destroy their farming land, kill their livestock, eat the crops & ruin fencing makes perfect sense to me. If you pest control your home you have no right to whinge & bitch and say that I want to partake in a cruel sport – the goal at the end of the day is to kill the animals humanely, responsibly & quickly. It’s an added bonus that it is something I find interesting & fun. But ultimately it’s about helping the farmers. 
Another field of shooting I also want to try is clay target shooting, it’s a sport I’ve been wanting to do for years. But I have been told I’m much to little for the 12 gauge shot guns they use, but we will see… Hopefully I can do it! 🙂 
Yes I have lots and lots of goals!
Guns are dangerous, yes. That is why you need to take a firearms safety course before you apply for a gun license (I’ve just done mine with Downs Protection – look out for the blog post on that coming shortly!) & you need a license to purchase any firearm (I am in the process of applying for mine!). But when handled safely & intelligently they aren’t dangerous & can be a lot of fun. 
So at the moment when I am practicing shooting it is done so under the instruction of either Trent, my Dad or brother or at ‘The Open Range’ in their fully licensed indoor range. 
My Dad has had guns my whole life, my brother owns guns, my Uncle does & Trent does too, so being around them doesn’t make me uncomfortable or nervous, but that’s because I am confident that we are all safe & smart when handling them. Guns in the hands of foolish or bad people however are dangerous, which is why we have a licensing system in Australia to own guns, in an attempt to filter out inappropriate gun owners. 
This of course doesn’t stop bad people owning guns, but needing a drivers license doesn’t stop unlicensed drivers driving cars & causing accidents. So you can’t really judge good & safe gun owners for the irresponsible actions of a few individuals that use firearms in an unsafe manner. 
I know this series won’t be for everyone, but I encourage you to continue reading & keep an open mind. 
And if hunting isn’t necessarily for you I really encourage you to give target shooting a go – it is a lot of fun & a great hobby! 
And if you are currently in the same boat as me & just starting out to learn to shoot, share your tips with me & make sure you keep checking back because as I learn new ways to practice and new skills I plan to be posting them here! I’ll also try my best to do a few videos when I can of my progress.
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