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Colourful Sensory play for toddlers… D.I.Y simple recipe!

I come to you today with another boredom busting idea for toddlers. 
I always am searching for new and fun ideas to keep LuLu entertained because when Trent is working it’s just her & I at home, she doesn’t go to daycare – I am solely responsible for helping her learn & keeping her entertained during the days at this stage in her life, I came across this idea on good ol’ Pinterest – because lets be honest here, everyone gets their ideas of this amazing website.
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Anyway onto the idea to keep your little one entertained…
Coloured spaghetti.
This is more of a sensory play activity but also can help in teaching colours and using utensils.
Now making it is super simple and really you just need some time to do it. 
I used a cheap packet of Homebrand spaghetti (less than $2 I believe!) & a few drops of some food dye I had in the cupboard.

  1. Cook it as you do pasta…
  2. Once cooked, drain/wash it & let it cool.
  3. Divide the spaghetti into separate zip-lock bags or if you don’t have any bags, just use separate bowls.
  4. Add a few drops of food colouring to the bags and gently massage to evenly disperse the colour.
  5. Once all pasta has been coloured, I left it for an hour or so just to really soak in.
  6. Before giving it to LuLu to play with I rinsed off any excess food dye.
We just mixed 3 colours together in a giant bowl & I gave her a pasta spoon and some containers to scoop it into. As she picked up the noodles I told her what colour they were. This activity can be played inside if it is too hot or cold outside, I just laid down an old towel to protect my floor. Ideally though this would be fun outside, perhaps before some water play!
(I found the pasta lasts in the fridge for just over a week, but by 2 weeks I would be tossing it out – if it’s been in the fridge for a few days I would just re-rinse it under cool water to help separate the noodles in case they’ve become a bit sticky) 

How do you keep your little one entertained? 
Let me know what you do to help your little one learn & have fun?
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