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Our perfect date. {First time shooting handguns – March 2015}

A day spent wasting bullets is never a wasted day!

The other day Trent and I went on a bit of a spontaneous date! 
We dropped LuLu at my Mum’s house for a few hours so she could have some time with Ninny & we could have some time together. Initially we just had planned to go to lunch at The Cube. 

Entree & dessert. 

But after lunch we decided to head to our favourite gun store; The Open Range to look at some options for a ‘first gun’ for me. I am very keen to get a gun and I am on the look out for the “perfect one”. 
Well, after looking at some awesome guns and talking to the always helpful staff, we decided it would be fun to try out a few handguns in the shooting range. 
So we were all set to go and argh!! We realised we didn’t have closed in shoes on – so we rushed to good ol’ Target and picked up some shoes and raced on back. 
This was our first time ever shooting handguns, Trent owns a really beautiful & big hunting rifle & is a very good hunter, I’ve shot my Dad’s smaller rifles before, but never anything serious – just pointless shooting trees at the farm, so I’ve never done a lot of shooting. But that isn’t by choice, I am so keen to go hunting! One day, one day I’ll get to go! I also really want to learn how to shoot clay targets – I think that would be a very fun hobby. 
So anyway, this was our first time with handguns – Dave (from The Open Range) went through how to use the guns with us and then it was my turn! 
The first gun I got to try out was a 9mm handgun (the same gun the police use), it was a bit nerve wracking pulling the trigger the first time only because I had no idea how it would feel/kick back etc. But it was fine, that gun was really easy to shoot & handle. 

9mm handgun. 

Secondly was a .357 revolver – using a revolver made me feel like I was in the wild west about to have a duel! 

.357 revolver 

Then Trent tried a .44 magnum revolver and I also had a few shots with that gun, I really liked that one and it did ‘”kick back” a lot, but not once did I feel I was going to drop it or lose control of it. 

.44 magnum revolver. 

Trent finished off our session with a .44 magnum Desert Eagle, I didn’t use this gun because I felt it was a bit to heavy for me but Trent liked it, on his very last shot with it he got a bullseye! 

Trent shooting the Desert Eagle. 

Trent’s target looks a lot better and much more accurate than mine, but as I was reminded by Trent & also Dave – this was my first time shooting “at something” and also my first time with a handgun, so thinking of it that way I am very proud of my target and I think I did great! 

Trent’s target is on the left and mine is the right side. 

Shooting those guns was such a fun experience for us both, we both are really into guns & hunting so it was perfect for us and an awesome ending to our date! 
If you are stuck for a unique date idea or even a gift for your partner (or anyone), I think a trip to the shooting range would be fantastic! Even if shooting isn’t normally your thing, doing something to step out of your comfort zone is so great. It gives you such an adrenaline rush & you leave with such a buzz! I was so proud afterwards, I couldn’t wait to tell my Dad what I had done & he was impressed I shot a .44 magnum handgun, it was once the biggest handgun in the world – it isn’t anymore, but it’s still a pretty big gun and I managed to hit my target with it! 

If you live in Toowoomba – I highly suggest you head to The Open Range, it is a business owned by a couple of local guys and their new store is awesome! It is so spacious and really well laid out & they have a huge range of stock and the staff are always very helpful and knowledgable. I say they are my favourite ‘gun store’* in the area because last year when I was shopping around for Trent’s birthday present (his gun, well actually I was just buying the accessories for it, he got to go pick the gun) not one other store in town would help me, but these guys did. They didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing exactly what I was looking for and they recommended really great products that Trent was very happy with. And they are always friendly to LuLu! She loves visiting The Open Range – they have some amazing trophies on the walls she loves to look at! 
So when I say they are my favourite store, I am not lying – they really are great!
I am hoping to go back and shoot a few more guns in the near future and hopefully I can convince one of my best friends to come with me!! 🙂 
(Also ladies, if you are worried about the gun hurting you or being to small or weak – I am just over 5ft & weigh just over 40kg – if I can do it – you can do it!!)

Below is a short video of Trent & I shooting the guns. 

  I hope you all enjoyed this post and it inspired you to go out and try something different! This truly was an ideal date for Trent and I, good food & guns! 
What is your idea of a perfect date?

Our souvenirs from our date!

*This is NOT a sponsored post – all opinions are my own & I am not being paid in anyway for this post. 

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