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3 fun & simple boredom busting toddler activities!

“A child’s creativity is only limited by their parents’ willingness to clean up after them.” – Robert John Meehan. 


I thought I would drop in and do a quick post about some activities for toddlers. 
Yesterday my girl was a bit off and needed a bit of distracting and fun (I think her darn teeth are being awful!) 
She normally is great at independent play and will sit in her play room while I do my jobs around the home, but yesterday that all went out the window, I was pulling out all the stops for entertainment as none of our regular games seemed to please her, but that’s alright everyone has off days! 
So I went overboard on the fun activities & I thought I would share these ideas with you all, because honestly sometimes it’s hard thinking of new things to do! 
None of these are ground breaking games but LuLu really enjoyed them and they help pass the time well.

  • Our first idea was to build an inside cubby/fort. Super simple, everyone knows how to do this. Grab your dining chairs & throw a sheet over them (I used a fitted sheet so it stays on better & we used a double size), we threw in a bunch of pillows and a blanket and hung out. We chatted to bubbas, sang songs and read books! (This morning we woke up & Mishka decided to make it a cat bed!)
    • Secondly, we headed outside to do some hand washing and bubba bathing! I filled up a giant Tupperware bowl with water and some dish soap (for bubbles) and gave LuLu a stack of wash clothes and doll cloths and let her do some laundry and she also bathed her water safe baby doll. Then we headed inside where she hung out all the laundry on a makeshift clothesline. (I used an over the door clothes hanger, I just propped it up in the window sill – worked perfectly!) 
    • For our last activity while LuLu had her afternoon nap, I cut up some fruit for her afternoon snack and I also whipped up some super simple homemade paint (recipe can be found HERE). So when she woke up she could have a snack and then do some painting! I had my paint in the fridge for awhile so it went a bit thick but LuLu loved squeezing it in between her hands & making a mess!! (Great sensory play!)
    So I hope these ideas give you some inspiration,  I encourage you to get outside and play. I spend everyday with LuLu, so we are always looking for new games & activities to play, so if you have any suggestions please leave them below in a comment, Facebook me or Tweet me! I would love to hear what you do with your little one!
    Have a fun day!!

    “Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” – Diane Ackerman

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