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RAOK; A deer little mail surprise!

Today’s I got a beautiful surprise from someone I have never met before in the mail, a true random act of kindness. 

A beautiful fawn clock! 🙂 

Last week I asked a fellow Instagram Mumma when she purchased her little fawn clock from Kmart & what Kmart it was from, as I thought it would be the perfect piece for Lucy’s big girl room (I’m on the hunt for pieces now). Unfortunately my local Kmart had none, but a few days later this kind and beautiful Mumma sent me a message asking for my address because she was sending me a clock! 
(Sidenote* Kmart has the goods lately, I am not even joking I have found so many goodies there, it’s addictive!! I highly recommend you skip to your nearest store and get ready to get some great buys!! I post lots of my finds on Instagram but stay tuned and I’ll do a blog post shortly on them!) 
This kind gesture was so surprising and made me feel like nice & genuine people who want to be kind still exist in today’s world & that made my heart so happy. 

 When someone out of the blue does something so genuinely nice & boom – faith restored in nice people! 
So thank you kind lady, you made my heart incredibly happy! 🙂
I did ask her if I could pay for the item, or postage or even just have her return address to say thank you with a gift, but she won’t give it to me, her instructions were to just pay it forward & I will do that indeed!
And in saying that I have had a rough time with some “friends” I should also mention that it has made me appreciate the beautiful and positive people I do have in my life.  
Besides from my husband & family who are my best friends, I have a beautiful group of girls on instagram who are the kindest & most darling Mumma’s & are ladies I like to consider my friends & I wish everyday that I lived closer to them & then I also have my amazing best friends who I would be lost without. We may not speak everyday but we know we love & truly respect each other & this past year has made me realise how truly blessed I am to have these wonderful people! So thank you ladies for not being awful, for being amazing & always making me smile. 
I leave you with a few quotes that pretty much sum up how I feel right about now.

Thank you for reading & thank you for being my beautiful blog friends!
Talk soon!

One thought on “RAOK; A deer little mail surprise!

  1. Bindy your such an inspiration I too have deleted unneeded people out of my life the past year… I wish we lived closer I know we havnt seen each other in years but I'm always hear for u your a kind beautiful and loving woman xx


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