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Easy Homemade Baby Safe Paint Recipe.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” Pablo Picasso

I hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday, ours has been splendid & very colourful!
This morning after doing our jobs & LuLu having her morning nap we baked some healthy muffins & then after lunch I whipped up a batch of homemade paints and we had some very fun sensory & art play! After that to clean up & cool down we jumped in the pool for a nice swim! And then my parents stopped by for a visit! 
What a busy but lovely day so far!
My darling girl is currently having her afternoon nap & I am having a bit of a rest but I thought I would quickly hop on and share this super simple paint recipe with you. I made it with a basic ingredient in my pantry and it turned out very well. I am still searching for other paint recipes to experiment with, but this one was fairly impressive with how simple it was to make!

  • Cornflour
  • Boiling Water
  • Food Dye
  1. Boil kettle.
  2. Scoop cornflour into a heat safe bowl (I used about 4 tablespoons, sorry I forgot to measure exactly) & slowly pour boiling water over the cornflour.
  3. Whisk immediately.
  4. Keep whisking until there are very few or no lumps left and you have reached your desired consistency. If it is too thick for your liking add more water & if too runny add more cornflour. (I kept our mixture fairly thick as it was more for sensory play & finger painting)
  5. Once you are happy with your white mixture scoop into containers or paint tray, (I bought a cheap muffin tin for this activity and it worked perfectly!) 
  6. Add a few drops of food dye to each bowl/container/whatever and mix.
  7. Pop into fridge for a few minutes to chill mixture if you want to use it straight away. This may also thicken your mixture slightly. 

If you want to make a bulk lot of this it will last about 2 weeks stored in the fridge. 

I am on the look out for some paint brushes that are toddler friendly, the only ones I had for LuLu to use today were my old ones from high school art class! 
This recipe was super easy and took no time at all to throw together and LuLu had an absolute ball painting the paper and herself. We did this activity outside in the shade. We then shared some water melon and a cold drink of water. 
I think this is the perfect Summer activity and I encourage you to try this with your little one. If you do I would love to see your photos, send them to me on Facebook, or tag me in them on IG or tweet me! 🙂 Also let me know if you have a great DIY paint recipe, I would love to try it out!!

Well, I just heard my little dear wake up & I just realised it’s time for her fruit snack and Daddy will be home very shortly! Better go do the quick race around the house and tidy up a bit! 🙂
Talk soon!

Live colourfully! 

2 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Baby Safe Paint Recipe.

  1. Oh Belinda! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? You only had LuLu five minutes ago. LOL I'm so happy to see you blogging again under another name. You are such a good Mum. It was so nice of you to also link up to Thriving on Thursdays. It's always a pleasure to have you and nice to know that we're still connected after all these years. I'm featuring this post at tomorrow's linky party. Hope you share more of your ideas. Everyone will love them.

    Anne xx


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