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1st family holiday. Jan 2015

Good morning!!
It’s a Saturday morning, I’ve just put LuLu down for her morning nap, I’ve scoffed down 2 Tim Tams, because well – why wouldn’t you eat Tim Tams & I am sitting at my desk trying to think of what to write, because I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging… Sorry! 
Writers block, writers block, writers block…..
But I do have a decent reason for my lack of posts, we were on a short holiday the other week – it was actually our first ever holiday with our darling girl & my parents even came along with us, but poor LuLu got very, very sick the 2nd night into our trip & is still a little out of sorts so I’ve been devoting all my time to her and trying to stay on top of my cleaning so my poor little blog has taken the back seat! But I am back now! 🙂 
I am working on a few posts at the moment but just haven’t had a chance to finish them. 
But I thought I would drop by and let you all know I am still here & still alive!!
Also I update very regularly on my instagram, it’s like my mini every day blog!! So if you aren’t a follower head on over & check that out – ModernWifeLife31 – Instagram would have to be my most favourite form of social media!! 
Anyway, I will leave you with a few little snap shots from our first family holiday! This trip was the first time LuLu has ever been to the beach & also the first time she has ever been very sick! 

My Dad took us over to a little private beach in his boat on our 2nd day. 🙂 
Getting a lesson off of Daddy on how to build sandcastles. 
Collecting seashells. 
I really love the beach, it’s so peaceful and pretty. Hopefully next time we visit it is a better trip for all of us!
Have a wonderful weekend and for those Queensland readers, don’t forget to vote today! We are off to the polls later this afternoon when Trent gets home from work!  
Talk soon!!

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